Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just something I drew while I was bored in class.  I scanned it into the computer then used Illustrator to live trace it and live paint to fill in the colors.  

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Family and friends, Kori would like to introduce you to the amazing and talented pigeon Gilbert.  Gilbert is part of Kori's experimental analysis of behavior class at SUU.  Shown here in this photo, Gilbert is exploring the world of the fascinating Skinner Box.  Gilbert has been assisting Korinne with various labs to study association and conditioning.  Just today Kori was able to teach Gilbert that he would get food if he pecked the small black dot on the wall by his head.  She did this by giving him food if he made motions toward the dot.  After luring him in close he learned that a peck would trigger the magazine and boom, food magically appears.  Sadly after happily enjoying his new found method of obtaining food, it was time for Korinne to learn about extinction.  This means that Kori told Gilbert that everything he learned was wrong.  Now the button didn't give him food and he forgot all about it.  I know, I know, you're asking why isn't PETA stepping in to protect innocent animals like Gilbert.  Sadly we still live in a world where unfeeling college students can exploit poor pigeons. 
If you havn't heard of or used iTunes U, you should give it a try.  A bunch of universities provide a lot of really cool information through lectures and question answer sessions etc.  Some of my favorite universities on iTunes U are Yale, Stanford, New York Law School, MIT, and UC Berkeley.  I found these are the best sources for information about business topics.  Some of the other schools seem to be promoting the school and don't give interesting business lectures like these schools.  Also you'll see a section on the iTunes U page in iTunes that says "Beyond Campus."  Under that section there is a link to the Gilder Lehrman Institute.  Here I found some facinating lectures on American Presidents and American History.  Be sure to check out the Lincoln and the Civil War Podcast.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Office is Back!

I've been trying to find some good that came from the recent writer's strike.  It's been really difficult but I think I have it.  Since The Office has been on vacation I've been able to memorize every episode.  Unless you want to hear me quote every word that Dwight, Michael, Jim, or any other Dunder Mifflin employee says, you shouldn't watch a re-run with me.  April 10th is the official date when Dunder Mifflin returns from vacation.  Season four will only finish with 6 more episodes, but thats better than no more episodes.  Hopefully for Dwight 6 episodes is enough time to win Angela back after he killed her cat.