Monday, May 20, 2013

Birthday and Mother's Day 2013

It's that time of year again! That time of year where two days are completely dedicated to me :)  Well, not completely.  Once you become a mother I don't think there is ever a day that is completely dedicated to you again.  But, my Mother's Day and Birthday fall on the same weekend almost every year and it is so much fun!

My birthday started out great with a sweet note from my hubby left on the table.  He wrote one to Daci too, which naturally made me bawl while reading it :)  He's such an awesome dad and husband! Then, Carly came over and gave me an awesome gift!  She gave me the Urban Decay Naked pallet, something I have wanted for a really looooong time and I was SO shocked and SO excited about it! Then Daci drew me a cute little card and read it to me.  She wanted to pamper me all day long!  She kept saying we needed to get ready for my party.  I told her, "Honey, mom isn't going to have a party.  I'm just gonna go on a date with daddy tonight." Her response was, "But MOM! You HAVE to have a party! It's your BIRTHDAY!" Haha, such a sweetie.  We decided to make cupcakes instead.  She decorated all of them very meticulously :) Then we skyped with my mom and I opened her gift to me.  She got me some beautiful jewelry that I LOVE! Penny also gave me money to go toward a new sewing machine!  I was so excited and ordered it that day.  Then, Rick came home from work and surprised me with Sprinkles cupcakes!  YUM! Then we headed out for a date! We went to eat at Chipotle quickly before our movie and then we saw Iron Man 3, which I loved!  At the end of the night he told me he was letting me have a shopping spree to get some new summer clothes.  Yay! It was such a fun day and I was definitely spoiled :)

Daci holding the jewelry my mom got me
My awesome Mother-in-Law also gave me money to go toward a new sewing machine! Yay! I'm so excited about it!

Very focused on decorating my cupcakes :)

Tacos at Chipotle!

Off to see our movie

Enjoying Sprinkles when we got home while we watched our Friday night show, Shark Tank!

Two mornings later I woke up to Daci excitedly giving me a bag full of little "presents" for Mother's Day :)  She had gathered up some of her favorite toys to have me open.  She also had made me a card and she sweetly read it to me and give me a big hug.  Such a sweet girl! Then I went downstairs and Rick had made me German Pancakes (gluten free, of course). Yum!  I opened my gifts from Daci and my Mom. Daci planted me a flower in preschool that week and she also filled out a questionnaire about me.  It was so cute!  My favorite one was "My mom's job is.... 'to change the babies diapers'" Ha! Yep, that about sums it up :)  My mom made me a gorgeous canvas with my family pictures on it.  I definitely teared up. Thanks, Mom! Then, we got all dressed up, took some pics and headed out to church! Rick took the babies home for me the third hour so I could actually sit through Relief Society and listen! After church we had a fun dinner with Micah and Carly and Micah's family that was in town.  It was a fun day!

On our way to church
Snuggles with my little man

Photo by Daci :)