Wednesday, September 26, 2012

8 Months

Wow, its been over a month since I last posted...that may be the longest I have gone in years! Sorry, we were in Utah for three weeks and then since I've been back it has literally been the busiest two weeks of my life!  Also, our iMac is completely full......I take way too many pictures :)  So I haven't had any way to upload all my Utah pics (and there are A LOT) to my Mac.  I finally decided to take over Rick's laptop until we can figure out a solution :)

So here is the plan, today I am posting about the babies because they turned 8 months a week ago.  Then, I will have many, many, MANY Utah posts to come :)  Also, Daci started preschool, so I have some fun posts about that too.  Phew!  Here we go.....

Street had a lot of firsts this month.  Liv kinda did all of her firsts between her six and seven month milestones but Street was a little slower ;)  One first that I am SUPER happy about is that now that he is crawling and pulling to stand he is MUCH happier!  Instead of crying 50-75% of the time, I would say we are at about 25-35% of the time.  MUCH better!  I think the reason he is so much quieter is because he can crawl to me when he wants to be held, which is still pretty much 100% of the time :) So even though he cries less, he is still just as needy.  But I absolutely LOVE this little man and his cute smile and two teeth and giggles.  He makes me so happy :)

1st Tooth: Aug 20

Pulled himself up on his knees on Aug 21.  Was terrified because he didn't know how to get down, so he just started screaming about 5 seconds after he got up there :)

1st army crawl: August 22nd
Pulled to stand for the first time after we got back from Utah on Sept. 12
Liv was really happy about this accomplishment :)
2nd Tooth: Sept 12.  Another thing to note from this: Now that he can pull up, he crawls over to me while I am pumping, pulls up and screams for me to pick him up.  Which I cant, so he screams for fifteen straight minutes. On my knee. It is wonderful.
Now that he can crawl and stand, he follows me into the kitchen, pulls up to my leg, and stands there while I do dishes. Pretty cute, and pretty annoying :)
First time trying stairs AND first time doing something BEFORE Livvi!  September 15th.
He really HATES avocados :)  But, this is pretty much the only thing he doesn't like.  Loves bananas, peaches,  pears, applesauce, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, squash.
And this is what he looks like when he is super happy :)

Livvi Lou has become really difficult to keep track of.  Good thing she is such an angel because she is so fast and so free spirited and I can't keep up with her!  She is SO fast, is into EVERYTHING, she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth and she wants to do EVERYTHING by herself :) She will be into something she isn't supposed to be, I will pick her up, move her, and two seconds later she has beat me back to the spot that I am walking to.  Seriously this girl is crazy sauce :)
She is almost always smiling

She started giving kisses on August 17.  So cute.  The second Rick walks in the door from work and picks her up she plants one on him.  Melts my heart.
2nd Tooth came August 13, right after Street got his first
She doesn't just pull to stand anymore.  She is so comfortable and balanced that she will let go and then once she realizes she isn't holding on she will plop down.
She also loves to follow me into the kitchen and stand at my leg when I am cooking or doing dishes
This girl always has something in her mouth.  Its okay when its big things like this, but I have also found tiny things in her mouth.  I seriously don't know how she finds them.  I vacuum at least once a day!
She figured out how to wave!  SO cute!  Started that on Sept 19
She makes me absolutely CRAZY when I am feeding them.  She flips herself around and then stands up in her seat.  I get so mad at her!
I always say, "Livvi, NO!" in a very stern voice and she always cracks up at me.  Thinks it is SO funny that she is in trouble!
Her new favorite obsession, the door stop.  She flicks it non stop and it is SO loud.
Daci really hates it when she does it, she sits by her with her ears plugged and tries to yell "Livvi, No!" over the noise :)
She loves this kitchen at Carly's house.  Its so funny, its like she really knows what she is doing!
I'm surprised she hasn't tried the stairs sooner than today.  She really is so curious about everything and likes to test everything out.  Its like she JUST realized they were there and now I can't keep her off.  I am going crazy!
She is SO tubby :)  Her little gut just hangs over her pants.  She is in 18 month clothes!  What!? She looks so big next to her petite little bro :)
This is what she looks like when she is really happy, crinkled nose and all.  Love it!  ALthough I was pretty frustrated at this moment because I was trying to get a pic and she REFUSES to sit still for them anymore :)

The Twins:

These two are SO much fun.  Love them to pieces!  Its been fun to see them interact a lot more and play together now that Street can kind of keep up with Liv :) Photo shoots are kind of a joke now.  They won't stay put and the only way I get them to is if I am distracting them with some goofy waving of my arms, etc so when they are looking they look a little mesmerized :)

8 Months old!

Street is always grabbing at Liv's headbands, Liv still doesn't pull them off herself.  Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself :)
Its like they are mocking me for trying to attempt to get them to both sit still and look at the camera and smile all at the same time :)

Now that they can both stand in their cribs they are so cute.  After naps they stand together and talk and hold hands for quite a while.  Its nice because I don't have to go get them right away, but the bad part is when they do it before naps and won't go to sleep.  Grr.

This is what they look like in the mornings when I am pumping on my bed, Street screams at me and Liv smiles and giggles and plays with me :)

Daci is a sweet big sis and will try to keep them entertained until I can get them out :)

First bath in the big bath together was in Utah.  Street hated it the first time, but loves it now :)

When daddy isn't home to help I have to do one at a time.  Street was kind of teasing his sister that he was in the tub and she wasn't :)

They both follow me everywhere!  It is really hard to get anything done cuz they follow me and then pull up to my legs and I am stuck!  So hard!  Here is my view when I run away into the kitchen and about five seconds later they are turning the corner :)

They really like to "help" me load and unload the dishwasher

In Utah Street was REALLY fussy one time and Rick discovered that they both LOVE it when he blows bubbles with his gum.  They had so much fun popping it!

This was the first time going to the store.  They loved sitting in the cart!  Hooray for Costco's double front seat!

We tried puffs with them in church last week for the first time.  They LOVED them and it kept them really quiet through class.  Bad thing was when there wasn't one in their mouths they were screaming for another one :)
Now that they are moving it has been ultra hard to get anything done so the puffs have been a lifesaver.  I stick them in the bouncers (which they normally get really mad about) and Daci feeds them puffs while I do what I need to :)
Also, lunch and dinner when Rick isn't around is super obnoxious.  They crawl to my chair, pull up and yell and scream.  I discovered I can drop puffs one by one on the floor while I eat and they will actually stay in the same spot and not cry :)
Its very rare that they will play in the same vicinity of each other.  Makes it difficult to keep an eye on both so Daci likes to dump out ALL of the baby toys.  That will usually keep them in the same spot for about five mins :)
They both love the doctor kit toys :)

All three of my kids have been obsessed with chewing on their cribs.  Just got some gummi teething rail guards that I'm excited to try :)

Well thats all for now, new Utah posts to come!  Sorry I haven't been commenting as much lately either, like I said, been super busy but I have been keeping up with everyone.  Heres to more posting and commenting!