Thursday, June 12, 2008


So I am finally posting again.  We haven't had many interesting and exciting things to post this summer because all we are doing is working and going to school.  But yesterday we found out something exciting that is DEFINITELY worth a post!  I AM PREGNANT!  Yay!  We are so excited!  I'm going to be a mommy!  Rick is going to be a daddy!  We are going to be parents!  How crazy/exciting is that?  Well if you can't tell, we are pretty excited.

Rick thinks its gross that I took pictures of my "pee sticks" but he doesn't understand the importance of "Creating a Lasting Legacy" (right, mom?).  So hopefully you aren't too grossed out by these pictures :)

So I guess I will tell the exciting story of how I found out.  I woke up at 4am yesterday morning (June 11) knowing that I would be able to take a test today and I couldn't go back to sleep.  So at about 5am I got up and took a test.  It was one of those tests that has the one line if you aren't pregnant, and two if you are.  It said on the box to wait three to five minutes for the results.  I waited three and didn't see a second line and went back to bed pretty disappointed.  Rick left for work at 6am and I got up at 7am.  I went into the bathroom and saw a faint second line!  It was extremely faint but there nonetheless.  I immediately started researching on the internet on whether a faint line meant "yes".  I read information saying that it almost always shows as a faint line and it wouldn't show at all unless you were pregnant.  Of course I still didn't want to get too excited in case it wasn't real but I had to call someone!  I called my mom and she was excited, but like me, trying not to be too excited.  She gave me the advice to take the digital kind (the ones that say "pregnant" or "not pregnant", takes a lot of the guess work out) the next morning.  I agreed and hung up.  About twenty minutes later I couldn't stand it anymore so I drove down to Walmart, bought a digital test and took it immediately.  The entire three minutes I was waiting for the results I was shaking!  I wanted it to be real SOOOO bad!  Three minutes later I saw "pregnant" and started screaming!  

Rick was at work and I really didn't just want to call and tell him the news over the phone so I had to wait until 6pm to tell him!  I decided to tell him in a fun way.  A few weeks ago we were watching the movie "Juno" and one of our favorite characters from The Office (Dwight) had a small part in the film.  One of his lines was "Your eggo is preggo".  We laughed hard at that and Rick has quoted it a few times since then.  So, I decided to go to the store and get a box of Eggos.  I put them in the freezer with a sign "My eggo is preggo!"  When I got home from work I acted like my ankle was hurting and asked Rick to get me an ice pack out of the freezer.  He went to the freezer and was looking everywhere for the ice pack and completely missed the huge sign in front of his face!  Then, he picked up the box of eggos looking behind them! Duh! So finally I had to say, "Rick look in your hands!"  He looked down and didn't get the joke at all.  He was like "preggo?"  A few seconds later, I said "Are you kidding me?!" His eyes finally lit up in understanding and he said "What!?  No way, you're lying!"  I ran over a gave him a big hug.  He couldn't stop smiling.  But then he said again, "I still don't believe you."  So I showed him the "proof".  He was in shock but very excited also.

We are so excited and couldn't wait to share it with all of our friends and family.  I have had about ten people tell me it better be a boy (my husband included)  :)  I just tell them, "Really, its all up to Rick!"