Wednesday, July 31, 2013

18 Months!

Hello! Anyone still there!?  The last two months have been NUTSO! We put our house on the market, went on a trip to Utah, Rick was interviewed and offered a job while we were there, we decided to take the job while we were there, we surprised Daci with a trip to Disneyland, we house hunted like crazy people for two days, we decided to build in Traverse Mountain, we went back to Naperville, Daci started swimming lessons, I cleaned and showed my house like a mad woman, we got an offer on our house, I packed up my house, we did as many fun things as we could for the two weeks that Rick was off work before we moved to Utah, left Chicago with a bang, flew back to Utah, had our Design Center meeting for our house, Rick flew back to Illinois, he packed up the truck, his dad came out, they drove the U-Haul and our van cross country, we unloaded all of our belongings into a storage unit, we've lived in both Springville and American Fork, we will go back to Springville for a few weeks, and then we will live in Alpine until our house is done in December. PHEW! Was that the LONGEST sentence you ever did read?! Well, with all that stuff going on, my poor little blog has been neglected.  My blogging friends have also been neglected!  I am hoping to get back on track because I have missed it!  

The babies turned 18 Months (WHAT!?) on July 19th.  Here's a look back between 15 months and 18 months at all of the fun new things they are doing. These photos all uploaded with the most recent stuff first so sorry its a little backward :)

They are the best of friends.  They play really well together, most of the time.

They are MONKEYS! Street started hanging off the edge of the table, and they both loved climbing up into the cubby under our table.

I can get an occasional "CHEEEEESE" and a look at the camera out of Street now :)

Everytime Liv falls asleep in her carseat, her arms are straight in the air.  I love it :) 
They started their "trial period" of nursery before we moved.  At 17 months they could go into nursery but we had to be in there with them.  They loved it!  I only hope once we aren't in there, they will be ok

Liv absolutely adored my friends little girl

And Street and her son were best little buds :)

We invented a new Olympic Sport! Haha. We were playing some sort of croquet with the babies as our mallets.  They were giggling so hard :)

Liv is still obsessed with sunglasses

She also LOVES seeing animals and will wave and say "hi" at every animal she sees, but she gets really nervous when she is right by them :)

They both love to pretend to be on the phone

They also have both become affectionate with dolls and stuffed animals

They are hilarious at Costco.  They lay on each other and Liv loves to pull Street's ears :)

They are tall enough to reach things on the counter and love to pull everything off of our desk. Grrr

Street is the pickiest eater alive. ugh!

Liv still gets red spots and red eyebrows when she is really upset :)

She loves to play peek a boo and yells "Bo!" instead of "Boo!"

From 15-17 months, church was a nightmare.  I often wondered why we even went ;)

We spent a ton of time at Target once we figured out they had these awesome double seater carts!

So grown up!

Liv started wearing 3T clothes at 16 months, this shirt is even a bit tight on her gut :)

If I go outside for a second, this is what I find when I come back in :)  They also wait here for daddy each night when he comes home too :)

Liv is obsessed with my earrings :)

Daci likes to join in on the Target fun too

We put up a new gate and Liv discovered her new favorite place.  She would just plop down on the bottom step with her blanket :)

Chalk time

They hated it when Daci could go out and play and they couldn't. They would stare hopelessly at her :)

At one of my friends houses this was their favorite spot :)  They would sit right next to each other and eat snacks

They both love to be on daddy's shoulders

dandelions at the prairie

They love to be thrown in the air by Rick

Liv is a girly girl.  She brought me daci's dress and this purse and wanted me to put them on her :)

Street loves making silly faces in the forward facing camera on my phone :)

handsome dude with a bruise on his forehead because he is constantly climbing on things

They both love "brown bear, brown bear"

Street squeezed his applesauce right into his face one day. hahahaha

Liv tries to drink out of the drinking close!

Liv throws all our trash, diapers, and occasionally shoes and toys into the trash can :)

Street always wanted to help daddy when he was working on the house :)

Liv loves the water

Street hates the water. Aunt Sophie had to take him far away from the splash pad before he would stop screaming hysterically :)

Street loves the chickens

Liv is very nervous around them and has to be on someones lap when they are around

Liv is shy with new people :)

This is at the airport.....they are HORRIBLE on airplanes.  Don't let their smiles fool you :)

Being silly at Costco, sisters are the best kind of pillows :)

They love to be outside!

Liv had figured out going down the stairs when this picture was taken, but Street still hadn't mastered it yet :) hahaha

Street is still obsessed with the vacuum and broom

They were pretty good watching Daci's swimming lessons each day

They both give hugs and they both adore Daci

Liv LOVES to hold your hand and guide you around :)

Daddy's shoulders are the best

They both have seen me tell Daci to go stand against our blank wall for photo ops enough times that they know just what to do :)  I was taking a pic of Daci after swim and they both ran over and posed and said "CHEEEEESE!"

They both can scoot the chairs around and climb up on them and get into things.  A few minutes after this was taken, they were in the freezer pulling stuff out!

Sometimes when I need to do the dishes and need them to stay out of the kitchen (they are obsessed with the dishwasher) I make a big trail all over the floor of goldfish crackers and they just walk around picking them up and snacking.  It gives me at least five minutes of dish washing time :)

Liv really loves this dolly.  She is always rocking it, kissing it, getting others to kiss it, and she sleeps with it.
Like I said, super random post full of pics.  Hopefully I will be back to my less chaotic blogging soon!