Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Babies

 Baby Girl at 26 Weeks:

3D of baby girl.  She was laying on her side with her face buried in the membrane the seperates them so her 3D picture is a little distorted.  You can see her little hand up under her chin.  The ultrasound was hilarious to watch because little boy's foot is right in her face and he just kept kicking her and then she would kinda head butt back.  I think we are going to have our hand's full!

Another baby girl pic

Baby Boy at 26 weeks:
He's got his hand up by his face too.
3D ultrasound of baby boy.  I think he has the same nose, mouth and chin that Daci did as a baby.  We will see if I think that when he actually comes out :)

All snuggled up with his hand up to his face

 And the newest addition to our family....Our new minivan!  Whoot Whoot!  Can I just say this little puppy has made me SO happy!?  We have been a one car family for a really long time, and up until we moved to Naperville it has worked out great.  It has been really tough only having one car now that I have a bazillion doctor appointments to be to and a toddler who gets stir crazy, not to mention me :)  We got a used Toyota Sienna. We love our new van and can't wait to fill it with two more babies!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

We had our family pictures taken this last weekend at McDowell Grove.  We just had Carly come snap a few pictures with my camera and I think they turned out pretty good!  Here is our favorite (I know it is the same pose as our Family Picture 2 years ago that is in our blog banner.  We didn't expect it to be the one that turned out best):

We did a few Maternity shots at the end.  I am 25 weeks here (26 weeks today!).

When I took this shot Rick goes, "Oh, don't do that!  That is so trendy!"  I said, "Hey!  I like these shots!"

So then, he runs over and sarcastically says, "Well you gotta do two hearts since there are two babies!" And this is what resulted.  I know we look extremely crazy in this picture, don't judge.  I just had to document how silly my husband is :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pariveda Conference

Rick's company had their annual company trip.  They call it Finfest (their mascot is a Dolphin).  We went last year and had a blast!  Read about it here. This year we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort in Austin, TX.  It was beautiful!  It was right along the Colorado River and there were so many fun outdoor activities to do at the resort.  I, of course, opted to lay in bed for three days straight and it was so nice and relaxing!  I've found when I'm not told that I HAVE to be in bed, I really enjoy it :) I think I also enjoyed it much more than my bedrest because I didn't have any responsibilities to worry about.  I didn't have to feel guilty staying in bed.  Fred, Penny, and Sophie came out to watch Daci while we went to Texas and it was so nice knowing she was in good hands!  Thanks Roberts Clan!

This year, Rick and Micah decided to get a group together and be one of the presenters at Finfest.  They have been working on this project for MONTHS and have put a ton of work into it.  I went to watch their presentation and it was absolutely incredible.  They were all so well spoken and did such a great job.  I was so proud :)  
Brian, Micah, Rick and Jim.  They did a presentation on Enterprise iOS Device Management and App Distribution.  You will have to ask Rick what that mouth full means, because I wouldn't know the first place to start :)

They had so many incredible meals that I definitely left my "cave" for :)  The first night they had a big dinner out on the lawn.  So yummy!  Here we are at dinner:

The last night they had a big party and the theme was Superheroes.  (Last year it was an 80's theme).  Since I am 25 weeks  pregnant and looking more and more like a whale everyday, there weren't many superhero options for me.  There was no way I was squeezing into spandex!  Rick came up with the great idea of us being the SUPER Mario Brothers.  I, of course, would be the fat Mario, I had the perfect belly for it :)  I spent weeks putting our costumes together.  We didn't want to just buy the cheesy Halloween costumes, we wanted to be legit and put it all together ourselves.   Here is the finished product, I think we look pretty darn good!

Rick with his friends Brian Chae and Micah.  Brian was Kato from Green Hornet and Micah was Clark Kent.

These are all the girls from the Chicago Office.  Most are wives, and some of them work in the office with Rick

The whole Chicago Office and their dates

Jim, Micah, Brian and Rick

Some of the Clark Kent's (Micah is on the right end)

We had so much fun on our trip!  It was great for me to relax and Rick had a blast with all his work friends.  They did a lot of disc golf (Rick was the champion) and hitting balls on the golf range.  It was fun for Rick and I to get away one last time before our these little twins come!  FYI-I am 25 weeks in these photos.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shower Time!

My wonderful sister-in-law, Carly, threw me a shower for my friends out here in Naperville.  She put so much time, energy, and money into and I appreciate it so much!  I helped her put together the decorations and make some of the food, but she was the genius behind it all.  Thanks so much Car!  So glad you are out here with me!


Carly and her husband, Micah designed this cute invitation.  I love it!


We used my nursery colors (Pink, Green, Blue and White) as the theme of the party.  We made paper chains and pom pom flowers together.  I made the banner (which I am going to hang in my nursery) and the tags that are on all the food.

The complete decor, after all the food was set out.  It was really hard to get a good shot with the light coming in the patio door but it was beautiful!  My friend, Amanda, did all the fresh flowers.  Thanks, Amanda!


  Carly did Strawberries and Lime DIE for!

I made gluten free cupcakes (the pink ones) and Carly did regular cupcakes (the blue ones) and we decorated them together

Carly found these ADORABLE owl cupcake pops and we just HAD to make them.  They were a TON of work, but so worth it!  Carly did all the hard work, I just painted all the fun candies on with her.

Carly made a white chocolate popcorn mix with pink and blue M&M's in it. We found these adorable green party favor boxes at Party City and I made the tags on them that said, "Ready to POP!"

We also cut out fruity pebble treats into the shape of a bottle and Carly piped white chocolate on them

I seriously HATE this picture of me, but I had to get a picture of us in front of all our hard work :) I have officially hit the chubby face stage, and I am NOT happy about it!  It doesn't help that I am standing next to Carly either :)

Opening Presents:
I got so many great things for my shower and I am so grateful to everyone who came and supported me!  The picture above is a handmade quilt from my friend Mary, isn't it beautiful!?  My friend Ashley also made me one that is blue and green and it is gorgeous as well!

I got lots of great clothes and many other things. Thank you everyone!!!

After I opened presents we sat around and talked for awhile.  It was so much fun!


My mother in law and Carly went in on my carseat.  Thank you!  That is definitely a necessity :)

Here are some pictures of my "loot".  I got the quilts, diapers, wipes, beautiful handmade burp cloths and nursery decor, books, blankets, bath and toiletry supplies, a baby carrier and lots and lots of great clothes!  

Thanks to everyone who came!  I had a blast!  So much fun, that it put me in the hospital.  Haha!  I love my ward out here and I'm so grateful to have been welcomed by everyone!