Monday, October 3, 2011


So I am feeling huge and uncomfortable and......whiny!  I know I'm carrying twins, but come on, why do I feel so much more uncomfortable than I did with Daci?!  This weekend Rick and I celebrated our anniversary (6 weeks late) with an overnight trip downtown.  We got to stay in the Hyatt Regency with Rick's hotel points he has earned from traveling.  It was such a treat!  We had an amazing room with an awesome view!  I was so excited when we got there.  We headed straight out to dinner at the Grand Lux. We wanted to go to a fun but affordable restaurant that was pretty close to our hotel.  We found the Grand Lux and it was only .4 miles from the hotel.  Totally do-able, right?  Wrong!  We walked there and I did pretty good, I mean I was crampy and tired but I seemed fine.  We had dinner and then started heading back.  We stopped in to Nordstrom to look around and I all of a sudden got extremely light headed, dizzy and nauseous.  I had this horrible pain starting in the front and radiating all the way to my back. I went in the bathroom and sprawled out on the floor, shaking really bad.  Then I started dry heaving.  It was awful!  Every time I stood up the room would start spinning!  After about 30-45 mins of this, I was stable enough to stand up and Rick got us a cab and we went back to the hotel.  I just kept thinking, I am only 22 weeks!  I feel like I did at 40 weeks with Daci!  Well, I have been looking at pictures from the first pregnancy and I think I have figured out why :)  Here is a comparison of the two pregnancies.

On the left is me at 14 weeks with Daci....I still have a flat tummy.  On the right is me at 15 weeks with the twins.  Ah!

 On the left is me at 21 weeks in Italy, on the right me at 19 weeks with the twins.

On the left is me at 35 weeks with Daci, on the right, me at 21 weeks with the twins!  Holy Macaroni! I look like I did when I was about to have Daci and I had already gained 50 lbs by then!  Man alive this could be a long 15 more weeks :)  The doctor said today I will gain another 1-2 lbs a week from here on out, which means I will probably gain 30 more lbs knowing me.  That is not very comforting considering I have already gained 27 lbs.  I just keep thinking, "Maybe it will come off fast this time since I will have NO time to eat once the twins are here!"

Anyway, enough with my pregnancy ranting :)  Here are some precious pictures of my peanuts. These were taken last Thursday at 22 weeks.  They are looking so good!

3D picture of our little boy.  He was folded in half at this visit. Can you see his legs tucked up to his face? :)
3D picture of our little girl. She has her cute little hand up to her eye.

Regular picture of baby boy.  See his leg in front of him? :)
Baby Girl
PS Sorry about the poor quality of the ultrasound pics.  Our scanner isnt working and I can't figure out the best way to take pics of the glossy paper.  If I turn the flash off, it is all blurry.  If I leave it on (like I did this time), some of them get whited out.  The 3d pic of the baby girl for instance, I took that at least 10 times and that was the best I could get.  If any of my camera savvy friends have any advice, I would greatly appreciate it :)

Here are some pics from our anniversary weekend.  I met Rick at his office and got to see it for the first time.  Kinda fun to see where he spends his days :)  This is just one of the Conference Rooms he was set up in that day.

The view from our hotel room

The beautiful buildings of Downtown

My cute hubby and I celebrating our fifth anniversary.  Oh how I love him :)


Karen Pedersen said...

LOVE this post. Thanks for sharing your weekend, and the comparison pics. I can't even imagine how much more that tummy will have to stretch. Keep telling yourself it's worth it...and QUIT overdoing! No more dry heaving and ending up on the floor. Mother's orders.

McKenzie... said...

You look so darn cute pregnant... It's not fair! Your poor little belly is going to have to stretch so much for the twinners. I cant even imagine. You have every right to complain all day and all night cause you have TWO babies taking over your body! You rock! Listen to your mom and take it easy! Happy anniversary!! I miss you and wish you lived close so I could visit you.

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

I COMPLETELY feel your pain. I am soooo ready to be done. I had a dr today. She was going to take them @ 37wks but today since Im doing so well she scheduled my c-section for 38wks. I know I should be happy to have 38wk babies but really I was planning on 4 more weeks and now I have 5. Plus that means I have to go to church another time(its horrendous sitting that long the bigger you get). I am feeling it sooooo much more this pregnancy than with the last. Everytime I go in public everyone cant believe how big I am, I hate going in public lately. Sorry to say but Im so glad I dont have 15 more weeks. However, I cant imagine doing this for another 5 weeks. No sleeping, I cant eat much, I hurt EVERYWHERE. and yes if I walk further than around my block I am the same as you, dizzy, passing out, shaking, contracting. Oh the joys. Hang in there. The saying "it will all be worth it." just doesnt do me any good anymore. So, Im in the same whiny boat you are. Welcome to the CLUB!!


I love the comparison pics! You still look so skinny though.. just a belly! Its crazy you felt so sick, I feel bad for you, being preg with one is uncomfortable but two I cant even imagine! Rick is sweet for taking you to a hotel i bet it was nice to relax for a night!

Emily said...

i totally and completely understand what you're going through. i know i'm not carrying twins, but i look and feel like i should already be full term, and i'm far from it!!! let me just tell you that, regardless of the fact that you're carrying TWO, your body starts to fall apart a lot sooner with the 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. I remember when i was pregnant with Sway i started going through things a lot sooner than i did with krew's pregnancy... and it's gotten worse this time around! i'm already experiencing aches and pains and discomforts that didn't come until the very end of my first pregnancy. i don't know how women have more than a couple of babies. i feel like my body is already falling apart!! but you really do look amazing! you don't look like you've gained a lot of weight, and your belly is so cute! i know that doesn't help how you feel though :) just hang in there with me!!! we'll get through this together! (even though i must admitt you are A LOT tougher than i am. i honestly don't think i could handle twins. you're amazing!)

AAES said...

You look great! seriously. you might be bigger with twins but you look ten times better than the average girl pregnant with only one. the weight always comes off! no worries! :)

Liz Smith said...

I'm so sorry you got so sick. :( looks like you had a great weekend downtown though! i'm so glad you guys got to do that together. i still think you look soo cute. hopefully they come a little early (but not too early) so you get some relief quicker. i hope these next few weeks fly by for you and you can start enjoying those cute little babies!

LauraJ said...

Loved the post and seriously, like everyone said - you look so great pregnant!

Take things easy though and remember - there are lots of people who are happy to help out! We'd love to have Daci ANY time!

Meg + Cam said...

You may not feel good, but you look incredible for carrying twins! wow. you're such a cutie. I'm so excited for you guys! I hope all is well :)

Chelsea and Michael said...

You look fabulous pregnant! AND, I am really impressed with your banister! Seriously girl you can really make things happen! Nice job!

Kanani said...

Wow! It's so awesome that you are having twins! You look so good too. No one would think you are having twins..until you tell them how far along you are ha.Hope things continue to go smoothly!