Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Activities

I was 21 weeks on Thursday.  Everything is going really great with the babies so far!  I went in for my weekly hearts check and so far there is no sign of heart block.  The babies sure are getting huge and their movements are getting harder and harder :)  With Daci, she was always stuck up under my right rib.  This time is no different.  The right rib is the favorite place to be, the only difference is that there are TWO babies that like to be under my right rib!  Little boy flipped breech this week and now his head is under my right rib and his body curves around and his feet are at the bottom and then baby girls feet are right under my right rib.  The last few days has been quite interesting because they are CONSTANTLY moving in that spot!  I keep thinking the girl kicks the boy in the face and the boy head butts her back in retaliation :)  I have had really bad lower back pain the last two weeks as well, I can't sit or stand for very long. It feels much better to lay down.  The most comfortable position is on my back, but I'm not supposed to sleep on my back so it makes for a very sleepless night.  I will sleep for about 30 minutes at a time, then I have to flip to the other side, and then I lay awake for 30 minutes while they have a boxing match in my stomach, then I fall back asleep for 30 minutes, and the cycle continues. I really shouldn't complain though because I am just so grateful all three of us are healthy and progressing nicely, plus, I'm pretty sure its going to get a lot worse with the weeks to come :)  Thats all to report with the pregnancy.  Here are some photos:

Baby Girl.

Baby Boy from straight on, head is the left circle, stomach is the right :)

We had a very exciting weekend.  Rick's dad, Fred, or more affectionately known as "Papou" came into town for a Milwaukee Bucks golf tournament.  Daci couldn't have been a happier camper!  She loves her Papou so much.  We went to the Wheaton French Market on Saturday morning and it was so much fun.  The weather was perfect crisp, cool Fall weather and the girls had a blast running around with Papou!

Rick's favorite thing at the market....the donuts!

Daci and Leni running and dancing around 
Daci picked out a pumpkin

Daci begging Papou to hold her and Leni giving Daci hugs :)

She was either in his arms or hanging on his leg all weekend!

Happy Girl with her cheese curd!

Trisha the Twister.  We sure got a kick out of her and her balloon animals!

Later that day Rick took Fred down to the Prairie where we love to go ride bikes and go for walks.  Ricks favorite part of the prairie is that there is an RC airplane airstrip there.  I took a nap while the boys took Daci down to play.  Daci had a blast!

Sunday after church we celebrated Carly's birthday.  Carly and Micah made a delicious Greek meal and I made Carly's birthday cake.  She requested a coconut milk cake.

I made her this frame with the poem that I love to match the banner I made for Eleni's room for her birthday.


Karen Pedersen said...

Love this post. I'm so jealous that Papou is there. I know he's gloating!

Jenna said...

You are such a cute preggo! Glad all is going well. I'm kinda jealous you are having twins, I've always wanted twins. Everyone says I'm crazy though! oh well :)

Jami West said...

Love all the pictures!! Daci is just too cute for words! And seriously, you are the sweetest friend and sister in law. Every post you have helped makes someone's day special! You're such a sweet person. And you are SO cute pregnant. I know you feel big but you must not see how cute you are because you are incredibly cute pregnant!!

Jessica said...

You look so great! So sorry to hear how sleepless your life already is. Maybe when they get bigger they'll be less room to get a good kick. Glad to hear all is going well.

Tommy, Jaci and Porter said...

I think you are the cutest pregnant girl I've ever seen! You are meant to have babies! :)

Natalie said...

You have such a sweet family! Crazy that you're having twins -- you look amazing!

Ashley said...

Can't wait to meet the new little babies! You are amazing- how much you are getting done before they come. I just hope you are able to get some sleep until the end!

Mrs. Ham said...

ok two babies is better than one in the ultrasounds! i love looking at those pics! its crazy how they can fit in there! thats so fun to have fred over for a visit!

Chelsea and Michael said...

Wow that was an adventurous weekend!I love seeing the things you make. You are so talented! Love all the cute pics!

Jessica said...

Oh boy kori, I've had a hard enough time with one baby under my ribs, and tossing and changing positions during the night! I can't even imagine two!!! I bet they tucker you right out. I am so glad to hear everything is going well and everyone is healthy! I can't wait for them to get here.