Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rick and Daci's Utah Trip

Rick and Daci are back from their trip and boy can I tell you its great to have them home!  I sure missed them!  Rick says my last post's title ("Family-less!") made it look like I was jumping for joy that they were gone.  I think I hurt his feelings :)  I quickly explained that the exclamation point was trying to make it look like I was shocked.  It was quite the shock to wind up family-less.  Although I did have a lot of fun, I did miss them every second of every day!  

So, lets start from the very beginning.  I was a nervous wreck for Rick to take Daci on the plane by himself.  He seemed to think it would be a breeze, and I knew otherwise :)  I was secretly hoping she was her usual crazy self on the plane so that he would understand what I go through when I fly with her because he obviously had no idea if he thought it was going to be easy :)  Well, they got to the airport quite early, only to find out that their flight was delayed an hour.  I talked to him a few times in those two hours he was stranded at the airport with her and it seemed to be going just as it usually does.  I was selfishly a teeny tiny bit happy for about one minute, and then I just felt bad.  I know how hard it can be with her in the airport!  Luckily, once they got on board she did pretty well and even fell asleep for the last hour of the flight....something she has never done for me.

*sidenote:  because I, the anal photographer, wasn't with them on this trip most of the pictures from this post are from Rick's cell phone.  I also stole some from my mom's facebook page :)
Daci sound asleep on the plane

On Saturday morning I got up and went to the temple.  It was the first time I have done a session by myself.  It was so nice to not worry about rushing home to a babysitter and just sit and enjoy the beautiful temple.  

On my way to the temple I called Rick and asked him what his plans for the day were.  He said he was just going to hang out and maybe work a few hours.  When I got out of the temple I called him and he asked what I was planning on doing.  I told him I was going to watch Easton's SUU Football game online while I worked on getting the babies' room all organized.  He said, "Oh fun, I bet you wish you were going to the game though, huh?"  I said, "Yes, I wish so bad!" He goes, "Well, I'm on my way there right now!"  I didn't believe him for a while.  I mean the game was 3.5 hours away.  I was surprised he wanted to drive down there, watch the game, and then rush back for  a wedding reception he had that night.  Turns out he really was on his way!  He checked the schedule, saw they were playing, and decided he wanted to go watch.  I was so jealous!  I was also really glad he went.  We lived in Cedar City for a year and we absolutely loved it down there!  

The rainy game
Easton and Rick after the game

My mom and Easton

My dad, Easton, Dawson and Rick

Easton and his cute wife, Daysha

After the game Rick drove over to the house we used to live in and snapped a pic.  He sent it to me on my phone and I got tears in my eyes!  I absolutely loved Cedar and we loved our house.  We lived in the basement of this house.  You walk around back along that path to the right of the house to get to our front door.

Sunday night Rick sent me this picture and I got tears in my eyes again!  E, Daysha and my family stopped by the Roberts house to visit Daci after they went to Daysha's cousin's farewell.  I didn't know they were stopping over so when he sent me a pic of all my fav people in the same house I got jealous again :)

Daci stayed with Fred and Penny (Papou and Yia Yia) Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then Monday morning Rick drove Daci over to my parents house to stay because Fred, Penny and Rick had to work Monday and Tuesday.  Daci had a blast with Grandma Karen, Grandpa Dan and Dawson.  My dad went to do stairs at the football stadium for his workout and my mom took Daci to the park and creek that was near the stadium.  Daci had so much fun running around by the creek and playing on the jungle gym!

She is holding the shot from the pretend doctor kit.  She was kinda attached to it the whole trip :)

Wednesday morning when Rick was packing he put some stuff in the suitcase and then walked away.  When he came back in, Daci had put all of the things that she got really attached to into the suitcase to bring back to Chicago :)  Rick took them out and left the room again and when he came back she had piled them all back in the suitcase.  She was not going to leave Utah without them! So funny!

Daci was a terror on the plane ride home I guess.  She whined the whole way and Rick was fit to be tied when I picked him up :)  Here is a pic of her on the way to the airport, maybe it was bad she fell asleep?  Shoulda waited til the plane :)  The first thing Rick said when he saw me was, "I'm so glad you can do her hair again!  I sure can't make it look good." Haha!

I'm so glad my family is all back together.  I missed them so bad!  I did lots of fun things while they were gone and will be posting about them soon.

PS-I'm 20 weeks today!  


Karen Pedersen said...

We loved having Rick and Daci here. I wish you could have come, too. I'm glad you got some time to yourself though. Every mom needs that now and then. LOVE you!

Liz Smith said...

wow, they were gone for a long time! i thought it was just the weekend. i can imagine how much you missed them, but I'm glad you got to have some free time to relax and do whatever you want. glad you're all back together again though! :)

Miss Gabe said...

SOoo much to comment about (because I'm lame and haven't been good about checking blogs) but ahhh I am so excited about your baby boy and girl and how well you are doing. You truly look stunning and I'm so glad you had some "me time". You deserve it so much. Keep up the good work little mama!