Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last Week

 Last week we did a lot of random things.  Heres an update!

We had a fun dinner with two couples in our ward.  My friend, Ashley, had us over for dinner and I was in charge of dessert.  I made Gluten Free Eclair cake.  Its one of my favorite Gluten Free Desserts :)

Daci being her cute self before we left for dinner.  Isn't she looking SO big!?

Fun at the Park.  We went to the park three times last week.  Daci loves the park and it gives us a chance to get out and get her worn out before naps :)

On Tuesdays Rick and Micah stay in Indiana (they are commuting to Indiana everyday for work, they stay over one night a week so they can get more done, rather than waste work time on driving).  Carly and I usually get together and do dinner together on Tuesdays.  Last Tuesday we both didn't feel like cooking so we made an afternoon out of going downtown Naperville.  Downtown Naperville is seriously one of the best parts about living here.  I love it!  We took the girls to get a Red Mango, then we walked around and went in the shops for about an hour, then we ate dinner at Chipotle, then we walked the River Walk.  It was such a beautiful day!

Daci and Leni in their matching strollers, reading for an afternoon on the town!

Eleni enjoying her Red Mango!

Daci pulls the weirdest faces when we ask her to smile lately.  She looks like she is in pain :)  Oh well, at least she is looking at he camera, right!?

Me with the girls down on the River Walk

Daci watching the Ducks

The girls enjoying the fountain

This Sunday was my friend, Angelique's, birthday.  We had her family and Micah (Carly and Leni are in Utah) over for a big feast!  I made Cafe Rio, all from scratch.  It turned out SOOO yummy!  Luckily it did, because it was A LOT of work :)  I swear I had been cooking since 6pm the day before :)  I also made her a cake.  Daci had so much fun helping me with the cake.  She watched me frost the whole thing.  She is such a good raver!  The whole time she was like, "OH MOM!  That is so beautiful!" "Oh Mom!  You are so good at that!"  "Oh mom, so pretty!"  Haha, I was cracking up!  I told Rick to take notes, she already knows how to rave and make me feel good :)

These pictures are special to me because my mom and I use to bake together and then eat the beaters together.  We are carrying on the tradition.  Daci LOVES this tradition :)

Angelique's cake

I'm SO bummed I didn't take better pics of the dinner that I worked so hard on.  This was after we had eaten and lots of stuff was gone.  Oh well :)  I made pork, beans, rice, guacamole, pico de gallo, creamy ranch dressing, ya know, all the fixins!

Ang with her cake while we were singing to her
 And the "big girl" news of the day.....Daci moved to her big girl bed!  The last three days she has been jumping out of her crib!  We would hear a big thud and then see Daci on the stairs smiling a few seconds later.  We were super nervous she was going to hurt herself so we decided it was time to make the change.  This was really hard for me, not just because my baby is growing up, but because I really enjoy her being confined in her crib until I decide when its time for her to get up :)  We set up her bed yesterday morning and then I pulled her onto my nap to have a talk (I've discovered if I have "talks" with her before we do anything like going into the store, then she knows what to expect and the experience is much more pleasant).  I started explaining that she was a big girl now and that she gets to sleep in a big bed and tears just started streaming down my face!  I got so emotional!  This was like the last thing she needed to do to get away from anything baby and it broke my heart.  She is such a big girl and not my little baby anymore!

Yesterdays nap time was quite the experience.  She got out of bed at least 10 times.  We had to keep putting her back and telling her we don't get out of bed until Mom says its ok.  I was pretty upset because I SO need her naptime still!  She normally is in there for 2.5-3 hrs and it is a very nice and needed break for me!  When bedtime rolled around I was praying she would stay in there.  She did!  She didn't get out once! Maybe she was pooped from no nap? :)

When we went in to check on her she looked like this, all snuggled up i the corner :)

We moved her to a more "normal" postition

Well thats it for the random updates!  I had a doctor appointment on Friday also, which I will post about soon. Have a great week!


Karen Pedersen said...

I loved every tidbit of this post. You look so beautiful in all of the photos, Koribug! Love you all!

McKenzie... said...

Your baby really is getting so big! I seriously can't believe how fast it goes. Skyley is only 4 months but still what happened to my newborn?!? Daci is adorable just like her momma! I totally know what you mean by cooking ALL day to make the cafe rio salads. It takes forever but so stinkin good!! You look gorgeous as always. Ps Congrats on one boy and one girl....how perfect is that!!!:)

Darren and Kelli Haub said...

It's so crazy that they grow up SO fast! Before you know it the twins will be moving to big kid beds too. AHHH! p.s. do you realize you're going to be a family of 5 soon!? That's pretty much a big deal.

Jessica said...

Oh my heck, I know what you mean! Last night was the first night for jayda in the big girl bed. i had weird feelings about it. i was getting sort of emotional too. I like the "stuck in crib" haha. trying to do nap time was a little difficult, but she finally did. we will see how it goes. she is sharing a bunk bed with trevan... we can wish each other luck!

Liz Smith said...

This weather has been A-mazing! so glad you guys are making the most of it. your cakes look fabulous!

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

Very impressive. How do you have the energy to do such things? Hey my moms best friend has celiacs and I mom wanted me to get that recipe from you for the eclair cake. Do you mind emailing it to me when you get a chance? Thanks. Cant wait to hear the pregnancy update. Hope everything is still going PERFECT!!

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

BTW- I was totally freaked out when I put my boys in their beds to. Its sad, they just look to grown up. We took my boys training wheels off this week, I felt the same way. Their growing up WAY to fast.

LauraJ said...

Big girl Daci! She's so cute and besides the beautiful people pictures, your cake made me hungry!

Abrahao said...

Can I just say I get hungry every time you post about all the good food you make! You are such a cute mom I'm so excited for your new additions! In the picture of Daci in her stroller I could not help but imagine what it is going to look like with two more:-)