Friday, September 9, 2011

19 Weeks

I'm 19 weeks yesterday and I had an appointment today.  I have one every single week from here until 28 weeks to check for heart block in the babies. Now that I have met my deductible, I am totally fine with going in every week :)  Its fun to get to see my cute munchkins so often and I really like that my doctors know me so well already.  My doctors in Utah had no idea who I was or what my medical conditions were.

Last Friday, at 18 weeks, they did my in depth Level 2 Ultrasound.  Rick came with me to this appointment.  The ultrasound took about an hour and a half for both babies.  Rick was having a really hard time watching and listening (he is EXTREMELY squeamish.  No really, think of squeamish and then go way past that, and that is Rick!) and it was so funny because I think the ultrasound tech thought he was really weird for playing on his phone the whole time.  Little did she know that if he didn’t take his focus off of the phone, he might pass out right there :)  I'm just grateful that he came, even though it was hard for him.  They took a few 3D ultrasound pics of the babies but I almost wish they had just done the normal pictures.  Both babies have their faces so buried into the uterus that they look funny and distorted.  I know they are going to be so adorable and beautiful, but the pictures are just kinda creepy :)

After the ultrasound tech recorded everything, my doctor came in. It was my first appointment with him and he was the first of my doctors that I didn't really like.  He just didn’t have a very friendly bedside manner.  He went through everything with me and said they had a “finding” with Baby A.  She has a bright spot showing up on her heart, which generally means she has a calcium deposit on her heart. I panicked!  Why wasn’t he explaining this further?  What was a calcium deposit?  Was it something to worry about?  How would it affect her?  I as calmly as I could asked him these questions.  He said that it is actually quite common and they haven’t found it to be dangerous at all.  The calcium deposit almost always goes away before the baby is even born.  Still, I wasn’t getting any emotion from him and it was like pulling teeth to find out what this thing was.  He said he had a handout if I wanted to look it. Yes, please!  I read the handout and felt much better about the situation.  It sounds like its pretty normal and nothing to worry about.  In VERY rare cases it can indicate Downs Syndrome, but I don’t have the other risk factors associated with that so its not likely.  We just pray that everything is ok with our baby girl and that she will be healthy and happy.  At my 18 week appointment my weight gain was at 19 lbs.  Yuck!  But my doctor said she was really happy with that.  She said with twins its important to gain weight and that she was hoping I would be right around 20 lbs.  I weighed myself again this morning at 19 weeks and I’m at 21.5 lbs.  Ugh.  I am going to be so big!  I sure hope it comes off fast!

Here I am at 19 weeks:

Daci couldn't stand that I was getting my picture taken without her :)

Our baby boy:

Our baby girl: (The big blob on her cheek is her fist up to her face)


Karen Pedersen said...

You look darling. Quit worrying about getting big. Newsflash: you're gonna get big. It's twins! I know, I know...I'm supposed to be making you feel better. lol. The picture of you and Daci is so cute!

Sarah said...

Kori you look so amazing and always look do beautiful! Was the doc Dr Patel by chance? He was the doc that first discovered something was off with Briggs. I felt the same exact way with him. I am so excited for you and know that we are thinking of you guys!

Emily said...

i always look forward to your pregnancy updates. love them! even though your due date isa little more than a month after mine, we'll probably have our babies about the same time which will be fun! when i went in for my ultrasound 4 weeks ago, they also saw a "bright spot" on the heart. made me super nervous, but just like your doc, mine assured me that it's most likely nothing. i keep hoping that's the case. she scheduled me for another ultrasound in a month to check things out again. so i know exactly how you feel about that! i'm anxious to see how things go for you the next few months. i already feel like a beast, i can't imagine having TWO in there!! hope things keep going well for you!

Liz Smith said...

you are so so cute!

Jami West said...

I love looking at your updates. You are so beautiful pregnant! And I love the post below. Everything looks yummy and you are such a sweet friend to do all that for Angelique!

McKenzie... said...

You look fabulous!!! I love your updates too! Do you guys have any names picked out?

Mrs. Ham said...

you look wonderful! baby boy and girl are so cute!! i can't imagine how hard it would be to pick out 1 name let alone 2 names.. sheesh. i guess it's better that it's a boy and a girl. it'd be so hard to have to find 2 of the same gender names and then which one do you name what.. ha! i can't believe your halfway!