Friday, March 19, 2010

Tub Time!

Daci has had a cold the last few days and she has just been miserable. She woke up from her nap yesterday and was oh-so-sad with how she was feeling. I couldn't cheer her up so I thought, "Maybe she would like a bath?" We don't have a real bath tub at our house so I just sit her in her baby bath at the bottom of the shower. She has only been in a real tub once and she about lost it she was so scared! I thought I would give it another shot and threw in some of her toys with her. At first the running water out of the spout scared her really bad but I just kept sitting her back down and telling her "It's okay, It's fun!" It took her a minute or so but eventually she LOVED it! Can you tell by the next few pictures?

In case you were thinking..."What is going on with that belly button!?" Daci has an umbilical hernia. Kinda freaks us out but the doctor's say it is very common and that they usually close up on their own by age 2. If they haven't closed up by then then they still aren't dangerous so they wait until they are about five to do the surgery. Interesting.

Then, it was time to get out. She wasn't very happy about that. So funny that I couldn't keep her in it at the beginning, and by the end I couldn't get her out. What a little doll. Oh, and in case you were wondering, NO we do not buzz her head...she is just a little baldie. She did sport quite the mullet for a while though, the only place that hair grew on her head was on the back, we were so excited that she had hair that we didn't cut it for a while. Then it got to be a pretty nasty mullett (which we still loved....Rick had a lot of fun twisting it in all sorts of directions) so I decided it was finally time for a mullet cut. Now she is pretty much even on her whole head. I wonder how long it will take for her to grow even an inch of hair? She doesn't even have as much as she did when she was born! Oh well....bows are pretty darn cute on those bald heads and we all know how much I love bows!