Thursday, March 26, 2009

Way too old!

Daci in her hooded towel after her bath. She LOVES her baths! She sits in the tub and coos and sucks her fist the whole time. She also loves sucking on our fingers which is my mine is in her mouth :)

Daci having fun on her play mat. There is a hanging rattle by her foot that she loves to kick over and over again. She kicked it so hard one time that if flew off :)

Daci in her bouncer. I think her favorite thing in life is her binkie. She is very particular about her binkie too. She only likes the one that we got in the hospital, she won't take the others that we bought.

This is my favorite time, I love it when she is tired and loves to curl up on our chest to sleep. So precious!

Daci is now over a month old and I just think she is growing up WAY too fast. The fun part about it though is that she is developing quite the fun little personality. She is way more alert and you can tell she is actually looking at us when she is looking at us. She also is a very active little girl. She is constantly kicking and squirming and man is she strong! We love our little Daci. She is so precious!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

19 days old

Daci in her CUTE beanie that Tricia, Kelli and Kari Jo gave me at my shower. I love this pic!

She comes up with the craziest positions to sleep in....this one is our favorite :)

Daci with her daddy, she's so tiny she fits on his arm!

We figured we haven't posted enough about Daci so I'm putting a few more on here of her. We have so much fun playing with her...she's like our little toy :) I can't believe she is already 19 days old! My little baby girl is growing up and I just hate it! She went to the doctor's for her two week check up and she is already 6 lbs 15.5 ounces and 20 inches long; he says she is growing like a weed! She is changing everyday and is developing such a fun personality. We just love being around her and have already taken HUNDREDS of photos. Enjoy a few of them.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Daci's First Photo Shoot

Anyone who knows my mother knows that she is the scrapbook queen of the world. Since the day I told her that I was pregnant she has been looking at baby photography to see all the great angles and poses. Just five days after she was born we set up our own little "photo booth" in my apartment. Daci didn't like laying there all alone at first but as soon as I put my hands around her she settled right down and took some adorable photos! Here's one of them.