Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shower Time!

My wonderful sister-in-law, Carly, threw me a shower for my friends out here in Naperville.  She put so much time, energy, and money into and I appreciate it so much!  I helped her put together the decorations and make some of the food, but she was the genius behind it all.  Thanks so much Car!  So glad you are out here with me!


Carly and her husband, Micah designed this cute invitation.  I love it!


We used my nursery colors (Pink, Green, Blue and White) as the theme of the party.  We made paper chains and pom pom flowers together.  I made the banner (which I am going to hang in my nursery) and the tags that are on all the food.

The complete decor, after all the food was set out.  It was really hard to get a good shot with the light coming in the patio door but it was beautiful!  My friend, Amanda, did all the fresh flowers.  Thanks, Amanda!


  Carly did Strawberries and Lime Curd....to DIE for!

I made gluten free cupcakes (the pink ones) and Carly did regular cupcakes (the blue ones) and we decorated them together

Carly found these ADORABLE owl cupcake pops and we just HAD to make them.  They were a TON of work, but so worth it!  Carly did all the hard work, I just painted all the fun candies on with her.

Carly made a white chocolate popcorn mix with pink and blue M&M's in it. We found these adorable green party favor boxes at Party City and I made the tags on them that said, "Ready to POP!"

We also cut out fruity pebble treats into the shape of a bottle and Carly piped white chocolate on them

I seriously HATE this picture of me, but I had to get a picture of us in front of all our hard work :) I have officially hit the chubby face stage, and I am NOT happy about it!  It doesn't help that I am standing next to Carly either :)

Opening Presents:
I got so many great things for my shower and I am so grateful to everyone who came and supported me!  The picture above is a handmade quilt from my friend Mary, isn't it beautiful!?  My friend Ashley also made me one that is blue and green and it is gorgeous as well!

I got lots of great clothes and many other things. Thank you everyone!!!

After I opened presents we sat around and talked for awhile.  It was so much fun!


My mother in law and Carly went in on my carseat.  Thank you!  That is definitely a necessity :)

Here are some pictures of my "loot".  I got the quilts, diapers, wipes, beautiful handmade burp cloths and nursery decor, books, blankets, bath and toiletry supplies, a baby carrier and lots and lots of great clothes!  

Thanks to everyone who came!  I had a blast!  So much fun, that it put me in the hospital.  Haha!  I love my ward out here and I'm so grateful to have been welcomed by everyone!


Karen Pedersen said...

I wish I could have been there in person, but know I was there in spirit. Thank you, Carly for taking care of my girl! You are a sweet friend and sister to her.

Emily said...

what a beautiful shower!! and you totally deserve it!

Lynette said...

Very pretty party. Karen would have been proud.

Val Murphy said...

Phew! Glad to come back to your blog and see you aren't on bed rest anymore, that would be rough. Glad things are better, you relax now you hear! :)

Liz Smith said...

those quilts are beautiful! it was such a great shower. carly did such a great job. The food and the decor were all amazing.

Kanani said...

Wow! SO cute! You guys are so creative! Looks like it was fun. and you do not look chubby. no way. even standing next to carly

Mrs. Ham said...

yea i guess you'll need another car seat. man i can't imagine carrying two of those things! you'll def need a husband!!! i still can't believe your having twins! i love it! so much.

Ashley said...

The shower turned out so amazing! You girls are awesome with the decor and food. I am sorry I couldn't stay long! I am glad you had such a great turn out!