Sunday, October 17, 2010

Company Trip to Dallas, TX

Rick and I went to Dallas, TX from Thursday night to Sunday morning for his Company Trip. We spent the days attending workshops and then they provided fun entertainment at night! Fred, Penny and Sophie had their Fall Break this weekend so it worked out perfectly for them to come out and stay with Daci while we went to Texas. It was so such a fun and relaxing weekend, and one that we really needed! Thanks so much to The Roberts for watching out little stinker so we could have some much needed alone time!

Friday night we had our Company Party and Talent Show at the House of Blues and it was 80's themed! I had so much fun dressing up. I even found my crimper that my mom use to use on my hair in the 80's and went to work!

Rick found this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt (doesn't that bring back memories!?), these 80's glasses and 80's hat. If we had had just one more day we would have been able to find suspenders and Chuck Taylor Shoes to complete the ensemble but it still turned out pretty good. All of his co-workers LOVED his costume and if it hadn't been for his height, they wouldn't have even recognized him!

Thinking we are cool and thuggin' :) It felt really weird going to a party without our little munchkin. I felt like we were dating again or something!

Rick and a few of his fellow Pariveda Consultants

Me with the House of Blues stage behind me

Some more Pariveda Consultants....recognize Marty McFly from Back to the Future?

Probably the best of the night was when the Talent Show started. A girl came out on the stage and sang an 80's rock song and it was absolutely amazing! Then, a guy with a huge mohawk came out on the stage with an electric guitar. They were both so good and we all figured they were performers that worked for the House of Blues. After the song, the Mohawk Man started talking in this accent that was just incredible. After about five minutes people started realizing this one none other than their coworker, Adam! Rick said he is an incredibly soft spoken guy, he has maybe heard two words come out of his mouth in the four months that he has worked there. He grew his hair out and actually shaved it and made it into a mohawk the night of the performance. The girl that sang the awesome song was his wife. They did such a great job and it was VERY entertaining!

Not the best picture, but I snapped this of Adam and his wife while they were getting their photos taken.

Here are our "professional photos" from the night. We had a green screen behind us an then they cut us out and put us on an 80's background....thats why my hair is green on the edges :)

The Chicago Office all jumped in there for a pic. Rick and I are on the back row (go figure) on the left. Rick's shirt was green so it disappeared in the photo and ET's shadow went across his chest :)

In front of a bunch of Famous Blues Guys at the club

Outside the House of Blues

We stayed at the W Hotel in Dallas. They have a club on the 33rd floor and we had breakfast up there Saturday morning. There is a glass balcony that extends out from the building. It was pretty scary walking out onto it! Rick really doesn't like heights so it was a big deal for him to be out there :)

In case you were wondering...I am NOT pregnant. I just look it in this pic :)

We had SOOO much fun just relaxing as a couple. We haven't seen each other much this last month and it was fun to have a lot of one on one time together. Also, as much as I love my Daci Doodle, she is definitely A LOT of work and it was nice to get a little break from being a mommy :) Glad to be back home and with her now though! Sad that Rick didn't get to come back with me :( He is in Dallas for the week. He doesn't have to be there full time anymore though. Now, he is in Chicago two weeks then Dallas a week, Chicago two weeks then Dallas a week. This will go on until at least January. Its hard to complain though because Rick has an AWESOME job and works for an AWESOME company and we feel so blessed. After going to this conference, seeing his company's values and meeting the great people that he works with, I am truly grateful that we are in the situation we are. We are so blessed!


PAUL + ALICIA said...

SO FUN! Your costumes are cute! I am jealous you got alone time! Your last post about visiting home almost made me cry, haha I know its hard for these grandmas to be away from their grandkids! I can only imagine how excited they were! Looking at your pics with your fam reminds me of my fam with capri! Its cute that when Daci is in the room you can tell that she is their whole world! And brothers are so cute to watch interact with them!
I am glad you got to see your brother before he left!

Liz Smith said... are so funny. you soooo do not look pregnant, so don't even worry! lol.

love the crimped hair! haha...that brings back sooo many memories. It must have taken you forever to do it. I remember how long it used to take, but i loved it so much i didn't even care. my poor mom...she was a trooper for doing it for me. :) looks like such a fun weekend! glad you and your hubby got to have some alone time together. that's the best!

Kade and Kaylee said...

I heart your lace gloves :) You and Rick look so great in costume! I loved all the pics. What a fun trip for you!

Karen Pedersen said...

I'm so glad you got to go. Both you and Rick were 'true 80's' in your costumes. LOVE YOU!