Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enjoying the Weather!!

Fall is in the air! We got back from Utah to chilly weather. We are really enjoying it! Yesterday we went down to the pond to feed the geese....the ducks have disappeared with the cold weather and the geese have taken over the ponds. We discovered that geese are pretty snooty. The ducks would just come right up to us and eat our bread but the geese wanted nothing to do with us and our bread. Daci was pretty disappointed until I pointed out that there were a bunch of pinecones where we were sitting. She had a blast picking up pinecones, putting them in a straight line, and going back for more :) Is anyone else jealous of how easily children are entertained?

Today was park day with our little ward group. Daci has been pretty difficult in stores lately. She throws big tantrums and tries to climb out of the cart constantly. So far, I haven't found a good bribe yet that will keep her calm the whole time. Today, I told her if she was good in the store we could go to the park after. That did the trick!! She was so good in Target today :) The only problem is, I can't bribe with a park trip everytime, especially with colder weather coming. Anyone else have any tricks they use to keep their children calm in the store? If you have any I would love to know! Here are some pics of Daci at the park today. She was in heaven. I promise she does smile. Its just that when I pull the camera out she instantly looks down and refuses to smile. I must take way to many pictures :)

And here is a little video of my big girl. I can't believe she is 20 months tomorrow! How does the time fly so fast? Where did my little baby go? She has really grown up A LOT this last month. If you listen to what she is saying in the video, you will here her trying to count the rungs on the stairs (she can say 1, 2), she points out that the rungs and the slide are green (she knows all of her colors!), and she says "go!" right before slides down. She also asks me for my hand before she slides down, I'm a mean mom and won't do it. She knows how to do it on her own, she just needs me to tell her she can :) She also knows her shapes. Sorry I know its annoying when moms brag about their kids but I think I am entitled to when its on my own blog. Plus, there are lots of family members that like to keep up on how she is growing and maturing. She is such a big girl and I love her to death!


Tommy, Jaci and Porter said...

Love the pics, her coat and hats are so stinking cute! it makes me want a girl! :) cute video!

Erin said...

sooo adorable!!! I wish it was that chilly here!!! Its still so warm, I cant wait for sweaters and hats! But ella was pretty rough with shopping, but if I give her a dum dum lollipop she is fine the entire time. Maybe give that a try, if your not opposed to something sweet now and then!

Karen Pedersen said...

Oh, Koribug! This post and video melted my heart. I miss you guys so much. You MUST email me all of the photos. TOO cute for words!

Chelsea and Michael said...

Very cute! I wish I got to chat with you more today, but I know how it goes chasing kids. Glad you came!

Jessica said...

my kid was a total troll in stores too! I never did find a cure, but he has grown out of it.

Your 80s photos looked awesome, and the crimping was just perfect.