Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Yesterday we had a little Halloween Party with some of the kids in the ward. Daci was so excited to get dressed up in her Minnie Mouse costume! She LOVES the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and watches it everyday. She yells "Minnie!" every time she sees her on the screen so I've known for a while now that she just had to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween :)

Showing off her new pumpkins :)

I got myself some Minnie Mouse ears and a Minnie Mouse t-shirt to sorta match Daci. She loved that I was wearing Minnie Ears!

When we got to the playgroup we had all of the adorable little kids gather together so we could take pictures of them in their costumes. Daci is going through an extremely clingy stage right now and she freaks out if I leave her side. I set her down on the grass. For a second she didn't realize I left her because she was busy with her candy. Just wait......

All of a sudden she realized I was gone and she totally lost it! It was actually quite hilarious. She was in the middle of all these happy smiling kids just screaming her head off!

I know this should make me sad, but really it just makes me laugh. How funny is that? She is so cute, even when she cries :) (PS. I stole this pic from my friend's blog that was also there snapping glad you got this shot Jami!)

After pics we brought them in, changed them out of their costumes so they wouldn't get them dirty, and let them decorate sugar cookies and pumpkins. I seriously can't believe my little baby is old enough to be sitting at a kiddie table with all of her friends! So strange!

So excited that she gets to eat a cookie!

Intently frosting her minnie mouse cookie

Love my munchkin!


Chelsea and Michael said...

Man we really missed out this time! I am glad everyone had so much fun! She's a perfect minnie mouse!

Liz Smith said...

cutest pair of minnie mouse girls ever!!!! so bummed i missed seeing all those cuties all dressed up. loved your pictures! :)

Karen Pedersen said...

Love me some Minnie!

Erin said...

oh my gosh!!! how cute is daci!!! I love it! And you look great too :) ps. I would love to help you with a nursing cover in the future, just let me know :)

Jami West said...

All the pictures are so cute! Sorry, I would have sent that right over to your email but was out all day. I'm glad you "stole" it. :) We had so much fun with you girls! I am obsessed with Minnie Mouse btw, so I was so jealous you got to dress her up like that!

Ashley said...

We had fun hanging out! It was kinda a wild day. Daci looked adorable in her costume! She is definitely the cutest Minnie Mouse ever! You looked super cute too.

I loved that Daci wanted me to hold her!:)