Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Surprise Trip to Utah!

Rick has been travelling so much lately. They originally only wanted him to start up with the client in Texas for two weeks and then he would come back to Chicago and work remotely from here on the project. After the first week was up, they told him they were going to need him to come back for a third week. Then, after the second week when I was picking him up from the airport he told me that they had extended it another week again. When he told me that I jokingly said, "I'm going home to Utah!" To my surprise Rick said, "I think thats a great idea". I was so excited! I almost called my mom right then but Rick thought it would be a great idea to surprise our parents. We let Fred in on the secret so he could pick me up from the airport but we kept it quiet from my parents and from Penny. I was really excited to make the trip home, especially since my brother, Tannon, leaves for his mission in Malaga, Spain on Oct 20th and I thought I wouldn't be able to see him again until he got home in two years. Daci and I spent a lot of time with Tannon over the two weeks and I am so grateful Daci will have those memories with her uncle before he leaves for two years.

Here is Daci at the airport. It was our first time flying just the two of us. When we flew out to Chicago for our move we had Penny and Sophie with us. I was SOOOOO nervous to take her on a flight all by myself. She is definitely a hyperactive child and I didn't know how it would go. We got to the airport pretty early and Daci watched the planes take off from the window. ANd then she goofed around on the chairs for a while.

She did great on the flight even though she was EXTREMELY tired! We got into Utah at 10:30pm. I had planned with Fred what time he was going to pick me up but it was his job to get Penny to tag along with him. He came up with this elaborate story of how they had to go pick up their friends' daughter and take her back to BYU. Fred came into the airport and helped me bring my bags out. We were walking to the car and I was like, "Fred, do you think Penny can see us yet?" Then, all of a sudden Penny jumps out and runs toward us. She was so shocked and so happy to see Daci! She had tears in her eyes as she hugged her :) So much fun! Then, on to my house. We pulled in at about 11:30pm and I knew my mom would be upstairs in bed by then. I walked into the house and there was my dad on the couch. At first he was super confused. He saw Fred and Penny and since he knew it didn't make any sense to have me walking into the house he figured that I was Carly. He was extrememly confused at why the Roberts would be walking into his house at 11pm without knocking. As we got closer he realized it was us and he got really excited. He said, "What are you doing here!?" and gave Daci big hugs and was talking to her in a high pitched voice. My mom heard him talking baby talk and thought there was a puppy or something in our house so she yelled down, "Dan? Who's here?" and Penny said, "It's me, Penny". My mom came down to say hi to her and saw me and screamed! So funny! Then she saw Daci and started crying. It was so much fun to surprise everyone. Priceless!
We spent a lot of time watching Football while we were there. Oh how I miss watching my brothers play sports. Daci was in heaven! It was so funny to watch her watch him. She kept clapping and yelling "yay!" Then when they would snap the ball and Tannon was waiting to throw it to someone she would crouch down and yell "go!"

Here is her "go!" stance :)

With T after his flag football game.

Of course while I was there I had to meet up with my besties! We planned to go to dinner and a movie but Kelli got sick with the flu so she couldn't make it that night :( I went with KJo and Trish still and then we planned a lunch with Kelli for a few days later when she would be feeling better.

Then, the day we got together for lunch with Kel Bel, Trish's little boy got the flu and was throwing up so she couldn't make it :( Guess we'll have to wait til December to get all four of us together :) Love you girls!

Daci and I at Dawson's Sophomore Lone Peak Game

We drove down to Cedar City for SUU's Football game. Easton is red shirting this year because right before the season started he injured both his ankle and his shoulder. Tannon will be playing at SUU when he gets back from his mission too. We all went down to watch our favorite college (my dad graduated from there, I graduated from there, and Rick played basketball there. We love SUU!) This is Daci and my dad watching the SUU game.

Here are Daci and "Daw" at the SUU game. Daci loves her "Daw".

E and T down on the sidelines

We watched Conference all snuggled up on the couch.

Grandpa P came to visit and he and Daci had a blast. She loved playing with him!

We visited the Roberts quite a bit while we were there too. Everytime we went over Daci pulled out the microphones and made Penny sing to her :)

Daci and "phhhh". She called Sophie "phhh" for the longest time but by the end of the trip she was calling her "Soph!" She LOOOOVES her Soph :)

And Daci with her Papou. She adores her Papou!!!!

The girls. We got together for a dinner one night with Penny, Fred, Sophie, Carly, Micah and Eleni. Daci was in heaven playing with all the girls.

Me and my cute neice, Eleni.

The night before we left we had a big dinner at my house with my mom, dad, Tannon, Dawson, Easton (he drove up from Cedar City), Daysha (e's fiance), and my Grandparents. Here is Daci helping Maa-Ma make dessert. She loved the beaters but that cute white sweater was not white anymore once she was done!

I made my yummy salad that Penny and Carly gave me the recipe for. It is now my famous salad in my family. I am even making it for Easton and Daysha's wedding!

My mom got her this cute shape sorter for Christmas but couldn't wait to give it to her once we were there. Daci had everyone joining in on the fun by making each person hold her shapes and helping her put them in :) These boys are such suckers for her :)

Easton is so cute with Daci

Daci playing with "Papa"

Daci and her "Daw"

Daci with her "GG-O"

Daci with Daysha. She loves Daysha! They have so much fun playing together :)

The last day before we left for the airport the crazy trip had definitely caught up with Daci and she was exhausted. She mostly just cuddled with Grandma and Grandpa.

We were sad to go but SOOOOO happy to see Rick! We both missed him and are so glad we get to be home with him again.


Karen Pedersen said...

Your visit must have been the fastest week and a half of my life. I swear you were only here a day or two. We loved having you and Daci here. I wish Rick could have come too but we are so grateful he sent you to stay with us. I can't wait until December when you are ALL here for the wedding! LOVE YOU!

PS-Will you email me the flag football photos and the photos of Dad and I holding Daci on the last day? TIA!

Darren and Kelli Haub said...

First off... you have some pretty cute besties! :)

2nd... EASTON IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!????? I swear he's still only twelve years old. I can't believe where time goes!

Jared and Patricia said... fun! I loved Daci's "go" stance pic! Ha ha! Your time here was very well spent :) That makes me so happy. Miss you already!

Kade and Kaylee said...

That is so fun to surprise everyone like that!! I can only imagine how happy your mom was :) So I totally want the recipe to that salad! It looks delicious! Will you e-mail it to me??

Liz Smith said...

wow, what a fun trip! i'll bet it was really hard to leave what with all your families there. You definitely learn to really appreciate family time once you move away from everyone. i love that you surprised them. :) I did that one time when i was in college and i made a quick trip to ca for the weekend. my parents were VERY confused...but excited. lol.

Jared and Lauren said...

That is so fun that you surprised everyone! Looks like you guys had a blast and Daci is so cute!

Ashley said...

I love your surprise story! It's the best when family is so happy to see you. I made 2 surprise trips home when I first moved here and I got a similar reaction.

I know having a husband that travels is hard. Especially when you are in a new place. It has been that way for me the last 2 years here. It has only been the last 3 months that Christian has been around. Please let me know if I can do anything for you. We are always around. :)

Val Murphy said...

So glad you got to go home and spend some time with family! There's nothing like it! It looks like you had a great trip :) Daci is just so adorable!

Val Murphy said...

So glad you got to go home and spend some time with family! There's nothing like it! It looks like you had a great trip :) Daci is just so adorable!

tiff and chris johnson said...

It really is just unbelievable to me how many beautiful people are in this family! On both sides! It's sickening really-Daci included. You all deserve to be on the cover of a magazine. No lie. What can I do for that tan skin and gorgeous chocolate hair???? Your brothers have turned into smoldering men! What in the world!?