Friday, May 2, 2008


Last semester in my Principles of Assessment class we had to do a research project where we tested the reliability and validity of something.  My group decided to test the reliability and validity of the book The Five Love Languages written by Gary Chapman.  We did a really good job on it but once the semester was over we were really excited that we didn't ever have to look at that book again.  Boy were we wrong!  Our professor, Steve Barney (middle), told us we should take it to RMPA.  The Rocky Mountain Psychological Association holds a conference every year where students and professors of Psychology present research projects they have conducted.  We took our project to RMPA, which was held in Boise, Idaho.  This is a picture of us right after we finished presenting.  It was a lot of fun, and a great honor!
This was our group: Garrett, Gentri, Me, and Megan.
This is Gentri, Megan and I with our other roommate Twila.  She didn't present with us be she roomed with us and drove up in our van with us.  We had a lot of fun together!
This is me with Dr. Lynn White.  She was my Statistics professor last semester and I was her aid and the stats tutor this semester.  We are waiting outside The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner with the whole SUU group.
Megan, Gentri, and I.  We all had a blast hanging out in our room.  This was right after we presented our project.  We decided to take a break and hang out before we hit the town for dinner with the whole group that came from SUU. 
Megan and I spent most of the trip in bed reading and relaxing.  We decided we needed a picture to illustrate that :)