Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chicken Mania!

We just got back from Utah and I have A LOT to post about :)  We will start with this...

The Roberts bought chickens!  When they picked us up from the airport we split up into two cars.  Rick and I in one with the babies and Fred and Penny in the other with Daci.  Fred and Penny beat us home and I walked into the garage to find Daci like this:

She had already picked out her favorite chicken and was proudly holding it. She didn't even take her backpack off first :)  I set Street down and thought he would for sure run in the opposite direction screaming....he is so temperamental.  But boy was I wrong! He ran straight at the chicken, bent over and picked it right up! Luckily Penny was right there to catch the chicken because he wasn't holding it for more than a second before he threw it at her and ran for the next one! It was absolutely hilarious!

 A few hours later my parents came over for a big bbq with both families.  We had a blast playing on the grass with each other and the chickens!

Grandma Karen with the babies

The babies were in absolute heaven on this big, wide open grass! They would just run from one end of the yard to the other over and over again!

Daci and Street enjoying the chickens with Papou

Rocket and Twila (the coolest little black chicken with a big white pom pom on her head)

Street chasing the chickens

He was grabbing them by their tail feathers and their necks! He was so fast!

Papou and Twila

My gorgeous mama

Love my hubs!

Liv was really scared of the chickens at first, but she was also fascinated by them.  She wanted to be by them and watch them but didn't want them to come close to her.  She loved watching them in their coop from Papou's lap :)

Uncle Sam

Grandpa Dan and Street

Daci showing Grandma "rocket"

Daci and Rocket. Best Friends.

Our little farm girl

Uncle Sam and Aunt Jordan with Street

Jordan with Dac and Liv

Liv was really shy around all the new people but she warmed up pretty quickly.  She would make this funny tongue face when she was shy and embarrassed :)

Finally warmed up enough to Grandpa Dan to be able to sit on his lap!

By the second day Daci was perching Rocket up on her little trike, and putting him in the little trunk

She was even kind enough to show Street her new best friend :)