Tuesday, September 10, 2013

4 1/2 years and 18 months old...more catch up

Daci turned four and a half on August 21st.  She is growing up so fast! Daci loves to dance, sing, play outside, play with the chickens, play house (one mommy and one girl...haha), play Disneyland, play mommy to her baby dolls, bake with me, color and draw, play with friends, go to the park, pretend to be a kitty, dress up in fancy clothes, and wear makeup :)

Street turned 18 months on July 19th.  At his check up he weighed in at 28 lbs 4 oz (79th percentile), was 33 3/4 inches tall (87th percentile), and his head circumference was 18 inches (6th percentile).

At the time (he has started saying a lot more now) he was saying choo choo, mama, dada, num num, na na (banana), all done, chhhh (please), yay (with claps), hi, bye bye, uh oh, nigh nigh, dee cee (daci), no no.

Liv also turned 18 months on July 19th (duh). She weighed 32 lbs 2 oz (99th percentile), was 35 inches long (100th percentile), and her head circumference was 19 inches (90th percentile).

At the time she was saying choo choo, neigh neigh, grrr, meow, mama, dada, num num, na na (banana), all done, chhhh (please), yay (with claps), hi, hello, bye, uh oh, nigh nigh, bo (boo), bubble, daci, no no.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Major Catch up

WARNING: Ridiculously LONG post ahead.  Proceed with Caution.  This is necessary in order to catch up on what has taken place since The Roberts family has moved back to Utah.

 We moved in with my parents in Springville, then spent two weeks at my grandparents' house in American Fork, went back to Springville, and now we are in our final residence at The Roberts' house in Alpine until we move into our home that is being built.  I haven't had my computer set up at my mom's but it is now and I hope to be MUCH better about blogging :)

At my mom's house, we played with chalk and bubbles and squirt guns almost daily

The twins turned 18 months
We celebrated by giving them their first donuts...they loved them 

We went to Springville High School's track to work out quite a bit

We would go visit Yia Yia, Papou, and the chickens

We had the twins' 18 month checkup, they got shots and finger pricks, were pretty upset about it, but then calmed down when we hit up Chick Fil A afterward :)

Snuggled with Great Grandpa Pedersen

Became obsessed with Minnie and Baby
Got a fever and threw up three times, one of them being in the car.  Awesome.
Went to see Daysha's sister in her pageant...she won!
Went to stay at Great Grandma and Grandpa Overstreet's house for two weeks and spent hours upon hours on their swingset,
Watched Planet Earth,

And waved at all the animals that came on the screen,

The babies tried their first sandwich.  Liv loved it and Street wouldn't even try it....typical.

Street spent a lot of time watching Liv and Daci in the sandbox because he hated how it felt on his toes,
But finally on our last day there he decided to give it a go :)
I got a gigantic migraine while there and had to call on my mom for the first time since moving back to come help me, so wonderful to have her so close!
We went to Rick's ten year high school reunion....what!?
Then we headed back to my moms...so happy to see grandma and grandpa again
The babies found a new hiding place and were very pleased with themselves

They also enjoyed the neighbors outside toys...but fought over it the whole time.  Those are not made for two babies FYI

Daci got to go to her friend from Naperville's birthday party! She was out here visiting.  Daci was so excited to see her.
My newest neice, Sage Siva Pedersen, was born on Aug 1
The babies started watching tv for about ten minutes at a time! So nice!

Lots of climbing all over Grandpa
Daci and I went on a date to see Monsters University

The babies learned to open doors....Grr

Daci practiced her dance poses while pushing the babies at the park

We went to the fun Springville Splash Pad

And to Hogle Zoo for Rick's company party
And raced in the toddler trot at Alpine Days...they all won first place! ;) It was probably the cutest thing I have ever witnessed :)
We celebrated our 7 yr anniversary at the movies

The babies switched to forward facing and developed some pretty awesome driving poses

We got dressed up and headed to the Art Museum for a little outing.  The kids loved it!

Watched a summer rainstorm with Grandpa

Went to a high school friend's baby shower and got to see my drill coach!

Went shooting with my dad, tannon and brookley, and rick

Made 80 jars of salsa with my mom and brookley out of my grandpa's award winning produce

and chopped way too many onions...mascara everywhere!

The babies just had to wear some aprons too :)

Finished product

Daci got invited to a Princess Back to School party and had a blast

Rick and I snuck away one night for a cafe rio and grocery run date.  Heaven!

We finally got to meet Sage!

The kids adored her

We celebrated Sophie's birthday

The babies snuck out of the house for the first time and I was a terrified mommy, I think its safe to say I scared Liv with my reaction....Street could have cared less

We've spent lots of time at the barn park

Liv got a 101 degree fever....so random.  She was fine the next day.

Daci got her first french braids since she chopped all her hair off

I surprised my mom on her birthday with her favorite cake and balloons

Daci had her meet the teacher preschool day

And then we went out for ice cream after

Sam is taking a phlebotomy class and I went to support and get my blood drawn. In a surprising turn of events, Rick also showed his support (Rick passes out every time he gets his blood drawn). He didn't quite pass out but he did get super sick and had to lay down and have me drive home :)

SUU Football stared and we had a little party to watch my brother Easton play.  My other brother who is on the team got injured a week before and has to have surgery so he will be redshirting this year. SUU won by one point!

We moved to the Roberts house. This is Street and Liv the first morning after waking up here.

Playing outside and visiting the chickens in their new luxury coop

Rick is a die hard computer programmer who doesn't let a short desk bring him down.  Die hard :)

We put the baby gate up and Liv was NOT happy about it

We celebrated my mom's birthday lunch at the Black Sheep Cafe with my aunts, cousin, grandma and Brookley.  SOOOO good!

Daci got a father's blessing from Rick the night before school started

And she started preschool yesterday!

PHEW! I think we are caught up!  If you are still with me, you are a true friend :)