Sunday, September 21, 2008

The First Ultrasound!

This is our little baby at 12 weeks on August 3rd. I know it has taken me FOREVER to post it and I am so sorry! It has been a crazy last few months. I couldn't even believe how amazing it was to see this tiny little thing inside of me! It made it seem so much more real. It is a very active little bugger. It barely sat still long enough to get this picture :) At one point it was flipping so much that all you saw on the screen was two tiny little feet. How precious! Stay tuned for the next ultrasound picture...coming soon.


Suz said...

Congratulations!! We are sooo excited for you!! Loved checking out your wedding photos also. We sure miss seeing everyone in Utah. Tell your mom "hi grandma!" from us! :) Susan and Jim Thorderson

Todd Family said...

KORI!!! I haven't talked to you in forever or seen you! Tiff text me last night thinking it was someone else, but after 4 years...she still had my number! I'm so glad you guys have a blog! And you are pregnant!!? YAY!! Now we can keep in contact! It's been like what...4 or 5 years?! So many things have happened! Hopefully we can keep in touch with this! Love you and Congrats!