Tuesday, November 24, 2009

9 Months already?!

Daci turned nine months on the 21st of this month. She has now been alive as long as she was in my stomach! How crazy is that? On the one hand it feels like these nine months have flown and on the other I can't remember life without her, it feels like she has been with us forever!

She went to the Dr's today. She is in the 91st percentile for height at 29 inches long! Wow, she is tall! She has slimmed down a bit and is now in the 59th percentile for weight at 19 lbs 4 ounces.

She still has hardly any hair....except for her mullet in the back. Her back hair seems to be the only part of her head that grows! She points at everything and still likes to wave, but only when she feels like. She refuses to wave when we actually want her to :) Sometimes she thinks she can stand and walk all by herself and she will let go of the couch and turn to us to walk and then topple over. Silly girl :)

Our little cheese ball

Playing near the snow (not in it of course). Daci loves to be outside. She could care less how cold it is as long as she can play out there :)

We put Sam (Rick's bro) into the MTC two weeks ago. This is he and Daci just thirty minutes before he left. Daci loves Sam. She especially loved playing peek a boo with him and she loved it when he played the guitar and sang to her.

She is so full of fun and I swear she has a bigger mouth than any baby I have ever seen. She can fit ANYTHING in there! She got her third tooth today actually, she is opening her mouth up wide enough for you to see it except for it is just barely poking through so it might not be noticeable.

She loves to pull herself to standing and walk along the furniture. Can you tell how proud of herself she is?

She loves playing peek a boo!


Karen Pedersen said...

I LOVE this pictures. You have to email me some to scrap! Daci is the cutest grandchild I have ever had! tee hee.

Jessica said...

Little cutie she is! Can't wait to see her soon at a game hopefully! Haha Jayda is so far behind compared to her. She is a little grower and cruiser! Jayda loves kids and other babies, they can be friends at the games!