Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Daci's First Christmas

6:30 am on Christmas morning. She was so excited!

Christmas Eve night she opened a present from my Grandma (Daci's great-grandma). She absolutely LOVED the book!

Opening a present with Mommy on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve after she opened her present from us of pajamas and a book. She loved playing with the paper!

Christmas morning with her stocking that I made for her

She got a tigger stuffed animal and LOVES it!

Grandma Pedersen got her a stacker

Grandma Roberts got her a little pony to ride. As soon as she saw it she pointed it to it and said, "Bob!" We decided she must have wanted to name him Bob :)

It was so much fun to have Christmas with a little one. I'm sure they will be even more fun once she gets older and knows what is going on more. We hope you all had a great Christmas!


Karen Pedersen said...

This little angel was the highlight of the Pedersen Christmas this year. We love you guys.

Jessica said...

So fun. She is such a cutie! I am glad you spotted me at the game and we got to visit some! Looks like your Christmas was a good one, and Daci enjoyed it! THAT STOCKING YOU MADE IS SO AMAZING! I was so sad, Jayda didn't even have one. Hope to see you again soon!