Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Husband and a Custom Made Cabinet

So last Monday Rick got a surprise call from work saying that they were putting him on a plane that night to Dallas, TX. They have a client out there and they wanted Rick to work on their Mobile App. He left a few hours after the call and was gone all week :( He will be doing this for a few weeks so looks like I have to suck it up and be a single mom during the week. I missed him really bad this week and was really looking forward to having him home for the weekend! Now, most people would think that working on the house for the few precious hours we have together is boring and sad. Well, it is exactly what Rick and I wanted to do! It has been so fun working on projects together and making our new house a home. We woke up early Saturday morning and went to Home Depot. Rick bought all the materials he needed to make the cabinet for the hole he made in the wall last week.

Remember this hole???

It now looks like this!

Let me tell you how he did it....

First he drilled holes in the side of the box so that we can adjust our shelves to the height we want.

Then he sanded all of the sides of the box

Then he put all the sides together (now don't forget that I am his assistant and I hold it all together while he drills, etc. I don't just sit around and take pics of him working his butt off :)

Daci wanted to come out with us but it was too dangerous for her to be walking around so we brought her high chair out so she could watch us out of harm's way (I did not put two headbands on her head...she did it herself. Once again, evidence that she loves to have things on her head)

Then he put the back on it

And screwed it all together

My cute hubby and his masterpiece

We slid it in the hole and of course it fit perfectly...I would expect nothing less from Rick. It is Daci's perfect size and she just had to climb up in it.

I think we better hurry and get the shelves in it so Daci can't keep climbing up into it. We wouldn't want her to get hurt :)

Next weekend when he comes home we plan on working on shelves and painting the whole thing!

I know I haven't posted any fun outings lately. I was planning on taking Daci out to do things this week but she ended up getting sick on Saturday and I started getting sick on Sunday so we have been cooped up in the house. All I want to do is rest and relax but even when she is feeling miserable she is still going a million miles a minute. Had to share this cute pic of her puttering around the house in her pj's. She found my hat and of course had to put it on :) Her new favorite thing to do is put her teddy bear in a basket or trash can and push him around the house like she is taking him on a walk. I guess I need to get her a doll stroller so that she quits dumping out our shoes out of the basket and trash out of the trash can!


Karen Pedersen said...

Yay, Rick (and his assistant, Kori). Those pics of Daci make my heart hurt! I just want to hold her and squeeze her! The 2 headband thing made me giggle.

Tommy, Jaci and Porter said...

Nice job, Rick needs to teach Tommy a thing or two! ;) That stinks Rick is gone! Too bad we don't live close, we could play, i think Porter and Daci would get along great...now that Porter can walk and keep up with Daci! Oh and the two bow thing is hillarious! She's such a doll! So cute!

Liz Smith said...

hey kori! i am so glad you found my blog! i am always happy to have people stalk me. :P I'm excited to read your blog now. i am always looking for new ones to read.

i love all the stuff you are doing to your house! we sooo want to do a bunch of stuff to ours too. i dream of putting in hardwood floors. we'll see. i can't wait to see the progress on all your projects! :)

Darren and Kelli Haub said...

Ok, if someone stole my husband last minute I might not be so happy about it. In fact, you're a much better wife than I. Darren's work told him they were going to steal him for two weeks so I said... "Well, I'm certainly not staying here by myself so it looks like I'm going with you".

Well done for being a brave wife!

p.s. Can't wait to see the finished house project.