Monday, December 6, 2010

First Snow, First Christmas Party, and my First Broadway Show!

Saturday Morning we woke up to our first snowfall here in Chicago. Daci was so excited when she walked outside! She had only seen snow on the Tigger Movie (obviously she saw it last year but doesn't remember it) so she was so excited to see it in person!

I love the look of pure delight on little kids' faces :)

We went to our Ward Christmas Party. Wow, what a HUGE event! We had over 300 people there. They had the Primary Children sing and Santa made a special visit from the North Pole!

Lots of yummy food....can you tell Daci enjoyed it?

Daci loves her little friend Lyla, she kept giving her big hugs

Me, Lyla, and Daci at the Party

Daci was really nervous about Santa but at least she didn't cry! I think the only thing keeping her from crying was the candy cane that she was holding in her hand :)

Another early Christmas Present was tickets to Wicked! YAY! I was SOOOO excited! Our friends watched Daci and we went out for a night on the town!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the show! I know Wicked gets a lot of hype but trust me, it is ALL true! So amazing. Our Glinda and Elfaba were incredible and totally made the show.

It was FREEZING COLD! By the time we got to the Parking Garage I just wanted to jump in the car, but then the L-Train was pulling up beside the Garage and Rick really wanted a picture. At Christmas Time they decorate the train with lights and a Santa Sleigh. It was pretty cool!

We had so much fun this week. I love the holidays! I head out to Utah for four whole weeks on Wednesday. I'm so excited to be near family to celebrate Christmas and New Years!


Karen Pedersen said...

This post makes me EVEN MORE EXCITED for you and Daci to get here on Wednesday and Rick a week later. I can't wait to hear every single detail about Wicked. And, I hope your tooth is feeling better. Did you try the ice on your face?

Erin said...

so fun!!!! looks like you had a wonderful week :) I love the snow pictures!!! have a great time in utah for christmas!

Liz Smith said...

I'm so glad you loved Wicked!! It is by far my favorite broadway show i've seen. :) oh, and i LOVE your headband!!!!

Carly said...

Kori your makeup looks so pretty at Wicked! Is that snob? :)

Jenna said...

Sooo fun! Josh and I were able to see Wicked this year too. It IS as amazing as you hear! :)

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

Korrine- I just have to tell you that my mom was at my house yesterday and wanted to see your blog. Because she of course can not even come close to getting on it herself. She said, "Your little girl is adorable and Korrine looks Great!!" Anywho, my mom says hi!

Mrs. Ham said...

i try to steer away from blogs that have cute babies on it- yours being one of them. i need a baby! my mom told me she ran into you- i was thinking back to our "scrapbooking" days and when we all wore Darlene's shirts for our bff pics- haha winne the pooh incase you don't remember! hahahaha i can't stop laughing, tan saw those and was like what the!! anyways, i hope you get feeling better and things continue to be good out in Chicago!