Monday, February 2, 2009

4th Grade Medieval Party!

This is one of the other fourth grade teachers, Joanna Baginska. We were the "royalty" of the court.

Me with a few of my girls after the party.

Me with the boys in my class after the party.

Three of my boys during the feast; Brendon, Chase, and Andrew.

Me with one of my students, Maliana.

The whole class dressed up in their costumes before we went down for the feast.

Well my last day of school was Friday January 30th. I decided not to go back after having the baby and be a stay at home mom and I am so excited! I did have a really hard time saying good bye to my kids though. They were a rough bunch but I loved them to death. There were lots of tears shed by me and the students on Friday. I was really glad that I was able to have one last hurrah with them on Wednesday day though. We have been learning about the Middle Ages the last few months and on the 28th we had our big Medieval Festival. They each had a role of serf, knight, duke/duchess, or count/countess. The three fourth grade teachers were the royalty so I got to be the Princess- yes, the pregnant princess :) It was so much fun! Many of the students provided the entertainment during the feast. Some of the entertainment included acrobats, musicians, jesters, story tellers, and jugglers. My class also learned a Medieval dance while one of the other classes put on a play. It was a great day and I was very grateful to get a chance to take some fun pictures before I left :)

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Gentri said...

You are such a cute teacher! I'm so glad you are almost done being pregnant! I cannot WAIT to see this sweet baby, she's going to be a gorgeous little girl! Hope you're feeling well!