Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Slap On The Wrist

So, I had a friend (Thanks, Gentry!) let me know that my blog wasn't pulling up and that it said it had been removed.  She lives in Europe so I figured something must be going on with her computer since I had just been on my blog yesterday morning.  I assured her it was okay and then went to go do my blog stalking for the day.  Low and behold my blog was gone!  I typed in my address and a warning message popped up saying that my blog had been deleted! Uh can you say panic attack?  My Blog has my whole life on it!  I always post things right away, and then when I actually scrapbook those memories, I go back and read what I wrote so I can record the little details that have already escaped my memory.  Man, I was definitely nervous.  I then typed in my Baby Bands and Bling url to make sure that was still there and it had been removed too!  All my blogs that we have under that username were gone.  Seriously all I wanted to do was cry, but then I told myself to get it together and solve the problem.  When I clicked on the link to find out why it had been removed there was a list of reasons that it could have been.  One was inappropriate content.  I didn't think I had ever posted anything inappropriate, EVER!  But then I got to thinking, maybe they thought my last post of Daci in the bath tub after her "incident" was child porn or something?????  I decided not to take any chances.  It seems like I got a "slap on the wrist" just for this time because they let me back in, THANK HEAVENS!  The only other thing that I can think it would be is that someone hacked into my account and was doing some suspicious things so they shut me down.  Either way, I have changed my password and removed the bath post :)  Hopefully that will NEVER happen again :) What would I do without my blog and my blogging buddies?! I really hope I didn't offend anyone by posting those pictures.  That thought never crossed my mind, but now I am a little embarrassed!  Forgive me if it bothered you and I will be much more sensitive from now on :)

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