Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Year Stats

So my Daci Doodle turned 2 on Feb. 21st. When we were in Utah I took her 2 year old pictures, I thought they turned out pretty darn cute!  Doesn't she look so big and grown up?  Well we went to her two year check up on the 23rd and she really is big and grown up! 

Here are her stats: 

Height: 35 1/2 inches (91st percentile)
Weight: 27 lbs 14 oz (60th percentile)
Head Circumference: 19 inches (69th percentile)

So if the myth is true, that you can double their height at 2 and predict how tall they will be, Daci will be 5'11!  I think that is a great height. It will be interesting to see if it holds true :)  Enjoy the photos!

On the 23rd we also had a playgroup with the kids in the ward.  I made cupcakes for everyone.  Not many could come to the playgroup but Daci sure enjoyed her cupcake!

Then, we went to the doctor's office.  She was SOOOO hyper when we got there!  She was running around the room in her diaper and she was showing her baby doll everything there was to see in the office :)  We love our doctor, she is great with Daci! She looked at her umbilical hernia, it is actually closing up, which I never thought would happen, but it is still open about the size of a dime.  So, they are going to watch it over the next 6 months to a year and if it isn't closed she will have to have surgery. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that it closes! Everything else looked good.  She got two shots and a finger prick and was on her way!

She loved laying on the table like a big girl....up until she got two shots in her legs, that is.

These are just a few random pics.  My Grandma, Daci's GG (Great-Grandma) sent Daci her birthday present in the mail.  It was this cute outfit.  I had to take a pic to send her and Daci was being such a ham!  Its really rare that I get her to look at the camera and smile so I had to post a few of them.  She kept running in her room, hiding behind the door, then she would pop out, scream and run straight toward me to give me a big bear hug!  Love this cute girl!

Getting ready to sprint down the hall


Karen Pedersen said...

My house is so quiet with you guys back in Chicago. These pics remind me how full of fun and energy and life that little girl is!

Sarah said...

It seems like Daci has gotten so big since I have last seen you guys! I love the pics that you took of her and I loved her little birthday party and cake that you had for her with your family!!!

Sam and Natalie said...

Little Daci has grown up SO fast!She is a doll!!I can't believe you have a 2 year old...I gotta catch up :). Haha, love ya!

Abrahao said...

Oh my goodness how is Daci two already! I can not believe what a big girl she is! She is so pretty, she looks just like her mamma :-) miss you guys!

Tommy, Jaci and Porter said...

I know, him and Daci are getting so big so fast!! He did even better last night too, he went right to sleep again and only fell out once! I kind of think he doesn't realize he can get out though cause he still cries in the morning as if he needs someone to come get him! ha ha! oh good i'm glad to know someone else hates folding laundry! ;) but ya if you don't have to change Daci yet, i wouldn't either, just wait till you have to! unless she starts climbing out of the crib, like Porter was trying to do! That always scared me! ha ha ok, i'll put up a belly pic, i just haven't cause i didn't think people would really want to see that, i am 26 weeks, so on the down hill, i'm so ready to be done!