Thursday, July 14, 2011

Off to "Hootah!"

with my two favorite people in the whole world to see the rest of our most favorite people in the whole world.....our families and a few of our besties!

With the twinners coming this will be our last trip to Utah for who knows how long?!  I get pretty sad when I think about that so I'm trying not to think about it :)  We are going to make the very most of our trip and enjoy every second of it!  As you can tell by the pic above (how cute is that by the way?) that Rick is completely exhausted from work and taking care of that little rug rat for me when he gets home that he is in desperate need of this vacation.  I am also exhausted and am missing our families so bad and can't wait to spend some quality time with them.  But I think the most excited of us all is Daci.  I seriously haven't gone 30 minutes over the last two weeks without her asking if it is "time to go Hootah yet, Mom?", "We go to airport and airplane for Hootah yet, Mom?", "We get smarties on the airplane yet, Mom?" (they save me on the plane!), "We go see Yia Yia, Papou, Soph, Papa, Grandma, Daws, Easton and Daysha yet, Mom?" She is seriously so excited she can't stand it!  Can't wait to see everyone!  There may not be any posts til after I get back so I hope everyone has a wonderful two weeks!


Val Murphy said...

Have fun in Hootah! Sounds like a well deserved/earned trip. :)

Abrahao said...

That picture is so cute! What a good girl letting daddy sleep, Junior is never that lucky. I'm so excited for your trip to "Hootah" I love that Daci calls it that! Hope all is well love you