Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I've had a few people request I update on my pregnancy.  If you don't want to hear all the details, stop here and scroll down to my other post from today :)  I am 11 weeks today and our cute babies are the size of figs! (Thank you Babycenter!  Seriously, I love that they compare their sizes to foods.  It makes it so much more relatable for me!)  I was only really nauseous from week 6-7, but never threw up.  Since then I haven't been sick at all.  I have had some pretty terrible headaches and migraines, however.  They have been no fun.  I also developed a pretty hideous mouth sore on my tongue (sorry if that is TMI!)  The last time I had one of these was right before my Lupus flared (mouth sores are symptoms of active Lupus) and it lasted 3 months.  I lost quite a bit of weight with that one, which was marvelous considering I was trying to lose baby weight, but this time I am a little nervous about it.  It hurts so bad to eat and I have lost two pounds this week.  I've already gained 8 lbs though, which I was mortified over, so maybe its a good thing that I've lost two :)  My doctors have done some blood tests to see if I am flaring and I should get the results back in a few days.  Everyone cross your fingers that all three of us are ok! :)  I feel really calm about it though and don't think it is anything to be too concerned about.  My tummy is continuing to grow but unfortunately it just looks like a fat blob, not a pregnant tummy :(  Needless to say, I have been wearing a lot of loose clothing :)  Can't wait til I start to show for real so I'm not so self-conscious :)  I'm really excited for when I get back from Utah (see post below) because I will have two appointments in one day.  A regular doctor appointment, and my first appointment with my Perinatologists (high-risk doctors).  I get an ultrasound and I'm so excited to see them!  Then, just four weeks later I will get to find out the genders.  I can't wait!

I had an appointment this week and had a little scare.  All they were going to do was listen for the hearts, not do an ultrasound.  The nurse found the first heartbeat (or so she says, all I heard was my loud heartbeat, but she assured me there was a little baby heart beat in the background) and then she went to find the second one.  She searched and searched for about five minutes (it felt much longer) and couldn't find it.  She told me she was going to get another nurse to look for it.  She left the room and my eyes filled with tears.  Rick just rubbed my feet and said, "Everything is going to be ok."  I'm so glad he was with me! Another nurse came in and found the second heartbeat right away and I heard it loud and clear!  Phew!  I was so relieved!  I told her I didn't hear the first heartbeat that clearly so she went to find the first one for me and couldn't find that one!  I was so frustrated. She said that they like to hide behind each other and that it can be difficult to get them both one right after the other.  I decided to trust her and not stress myself out, but it was a little hard :)  I wish I could have heard them one right after the other though.  Oh well, I have faith that everything is going to be okay.  I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing us with two sweet spirits.  I have spent a lot of the last few weeks worrying and I finally decided this week that I need to just have faith.  I wouldn't be sent two babies if He didn't want me to have them. I am so excited and feel so blessed!

Sorry that was long winded and that there was no picture to go with it!

Off to "Hootah!"

with my two favorite people in the whole world to see the rest of our most favorite people in the whole world.....our families and a few of our besties!

With the twinners coming this will be our last trip to Utah for who knows how long?!  I get pretty sad when I think about that so I'm trying not to think about it :)  We are going to make the very most of our trip and enjoy every second of it!  As you can tell by the pic above (how cute is that by the way?) that Rick is completely exhausted from work and taking care of that little rug rat for me when he gets home that he is in desperate need of this vacation.  I am also exhausted and am missing our families so bad and can't wait to spend some quality time with them.  But I think the most excited of us all is Daci.  I seriously haven't gone 30 minutes over the last two weeks without her asking if it is "time to go Hootah yet, Mom?", "We go to airport and airplane for Hootah yet, Mom?", "We get smarties on the airplane yet, Mom?" (they save me on the plane!), "We go see Yia Yia, Papou, Soph, Papa, Grandma, Daws, Easton and Daysha yet, Mom?" She is seriously so excited she can't stand it!  Can't wait to see everyone!  There may not be any posts til after I get back so I hope everyone has a wonderful two weeks!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July

For the 4th of July we got together with a few of the families from the ward.  We had a BBQ and then the boys threw the football and frisbees around and the girls chatted the day away.  It was so much fun!  Daci had a blast with all the little kids her age and as you can tell from the pictures below, she LOVED her watermelon!  So much for a clean red, white, and blue dress :)

She loved tossing the frisbee with Rick and then she would play with it like a hula hoop
The next three pictures were taken by my friend, Ashley Wright.  My camera died while we were there. I was so bummed because I was excited to take lots of pictures but it turns out that I'm kinda glad it died cuz then I got to have Ashley take cute pics of our family!

Daci had so much fun blowing bubbles with Jackson and Addy. She wouldn't drop that baby to save her life.  She is such a little mommy :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I've been doing a lot of this lately.....

Man having two babies growing in my stomach is sure sucking the life out of me! I am SOOOOO much more tired with this pregnancy than I was with the last.....I'm sure having one more in there has something to do with it :)  Luckily I have a wonderful husband who has been such a BIG help since I got pregnant.  He's been cleaning and taking such good care of Daci.  He makes sure I get lots of rest and he takes Daci to the park so I can have breaks.  I'm so grateful for my amazing little girl and husband!  I have been very impatient the last few weeks.  I feel like I'm constantly on edge and getting annoyed by things that never would normally bug me.  I've been short with both Daci and Rick a number of times and I feel so guilty immediately after.  I'm so grateful they are still so good to me.  I love you both!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


 This week we were lucky enough to get together with some old friends!

On Sunday we had Rick's second mission president and his wife, President and Sister Haines, over for dinner.  I was so stressed about my dinner!  I have cooked a bunch for people our age, but never for someone older, and more experienced in cooking than me!  I worried sick over it all day but it turned out pretty good!   I made pot roast, carrots, potatoes, salad, and cornbread. It wouldn't have mattered if it was gross anyway, they were so sweet and it was so much fun having them over!

Then, on Wednesday, my fifth grade teacher "Mr. A" was in town.  I loved him as a teacher and I feel like I remember more from that year than any other year that I was in school!  I babysat for him and his family for a few years after I was out of his class and he lives in the same area as my family and runs into them quite often.  He was out here for a convention so we met him downtown at Lou Malnati's.  It was so fun to catch up with him and hear what he has been up to all these years!