Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chicago Air and Water Show

Its that time of year again! We love Chicago's Air and Water Show! Rick loves it for the planes, I love it for the friends and family time out in the nice weather....the planes are pretty cool too ;)  We went with a few friends in the ward and we also had some other friends meet us there.  My mom's high school friend, Katie, lives in Chicago.  We went to our first Air Show with her two years ago!  She met up with us and Daci was instantly attached to her.  Daci drug her down to the beach to play and dance around multiple times.  It was so fun to see her and I hope she doesn't mind that Daci decided she was her new best friend :) Near the end, one of my high school friends also met up with us.  It was so great to spend the day with friends and family and enjoy the beautiful weather, company, and aircraft!

My mom's (and now mine!) friend, Katie

Daci hanging out at Carly, Micah and Leni's blanket

Friends from the ward, Liz and Jared

Katie with Street

More friends from the ward.  Laura with three of her four kids.

View of Chicago from the beach we were on

Daci had a blast down by the water swirling, dancing and SCREAMING!

Daci dragging Katie down to the beach....again!

Sweet Liv

I sure do love my wild and crazy niece :)

Street spent a lot of the day strapped to me.  He even fell asleep in there!

Liv was strapped to Rick a lot.  Despite the look on her face here, she really did enjoy it :)

Our little fam....don't mind the port-a-potties in the background :)

Daci, Leni and Katie watching the airplanes

Daci and Katie

Drawing pictures in the sand

This girl is so goofy.  She couldn't stop moving for two seconds and she kept screaming at the top of her lungs.  Ugh!

The girlies (minus Liv and my friend Brit).  Daci and I, Laura, Liz, Leni and Carly

Blue Angels.  Best part of the show!

Blue Angels

Daci and Leni sharing snacks

Daci and Liv

F4 Phantom with P-51 Mustang

FA-18 Super Hornet high speed pass

Blue Angels C-130 (Fat Albert) transport plane

Street Chillin'

T6 Texans

A10 Warthogs


Karen Pedersen said...

I love that you posted all of these pics. You need to email or Facebook some of them to Katie. I love that she played with Daci. Can't wait to see you SOON!

Liz Smith said...

im gonna go out on a limb and assume that Rick provided the names to all the planes in those last photos? If not, then i am VERY impressed with your knowledge of the aircraft. If you were to ask me who was in the air show, i'd say it was the Blue Angels, and then a bunch of other planes. lol. we had so much fun yesterday! couldn't have asked for better weather and better company. have fun in utah!

Melissa M. McCoy said...

Looks like so much fun, we went to the air show a few years ago...these pics make me want to go again. Hopefully we can get together when you are in Utah!