Friday, August 10, 2012

Studio J Layouts

Here are a few Studio J Layouts I made a while ago:

Daci's Three Year Photo Shoot.  Remember when she had hair? :-P

Four Generations.  Pictures taken right after I gave birth when my mom and grandma were here helping out.

The twins at Eight Weeks

Daci's Third Birthday

Daci Dates that we took her on right after the babies were born

Valentine's Day


Karen Pedersen said...

I love every single layout but I think the Valentine one might be my fave!

Val Murphy said...

You are quite talented, they look great! How do you find time to do that with three little kids? :) You are super mom!

Liz Smith said...

love them... you are so talented! i miss our card workshops! :)

Todd Family said...

wow! your scrapbooks are amazing! and it's even more amazing that you get them done with your twins and a 3 year old! go you! are those digital scrapbooks or do you do actual paper? love them!