Monday, April 29, 2013

Brookfield Zoo!

 On Friday we went to the Brookfield Zoo with some of our friends!  It was such a nice day and was so much fun to do a fun activity, out in the warmth, with some good company!

Laura, Kate and Tyler (stroller); Ashley, Maggie and Lizzy (stroller); and me, Daci and the babies (stroller)
Our first stop, the lion. Daci asked if it was Mufasa :)

checking out Mufasa

Kate and Daci with Mufasa in the background

Kate and Daci checking out the sloth bear

The tiger

Daci, Maggie and Kate watching the tiger

Daci loved looking at the map and telling me where to go :)

The rhino

Daci and Maggie and the rhino

Liv and Street just chillin'

The black rhino

The pigmy hippo

Me and my doodle

The girls in the kangaroo pouch :)



Me and my littles

Daci the wolf

Brown Bear

Polar Bear



Creepy lizard thing :)
 In the monkey house we couldn't take the strollers so I strapped Liv to my back and Laura was kind enough to carry Street on hers along with watching Tyler!  SO nice!

Laura, Street and Tyler

The Gorilla was Daci's favorite part

On our way back to the car there was a big peacock just chilling on the side of the sidewalk.  The kids were super excited but we told them they had to stay back :)

Liv LOVED the carrier, I would jump up and down and she would giggle and laugh. SO cute :)

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Karen Pedersen said...

So cute. I love that I could join you through your blog.