Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

The day before Easter was filled with lots of fun activities!

Daci helped me fill the eggs for the Easter Egg hunt.  She was very focused, and would pick out certain colors of candies to go with each egg :)

Then we colored eggs.  She had SO much fun doing this!  She worked on her 12 eggs for over an hour.  She got really creative and drew fun things on them, and then did lots of different color mixing with the dyes.

Then, Eleni came over and we did an Easter Egg hunt in the backyard with all the kids.  I didn't think the babies would really get into it but Liv LOVED finding all the eggs and putting them in her basket....she loved busting in them and sneaking candy before I could grab it even more :) Street wasn't as interested in finding eggs, once he had two in his hands he just ran back and forth yelling and shaking his eggs :) It was pretty cute!  Daci was so excited about finding the eggs!

 After the hunt, we brought them back inside to frost bunny sugar cookies.  Daci got really into it.  She decorated them all beautifully :)  The babies were more interested in shoving them in their mouths.  Good thing I only let them have treats on holidays :)

After the kids were in bed, I finished making Street's bowtie, and played Easter Bunny!

I filled their baskets, and hid them in special spots for them to search for in the morning

I hid Street's under the desk, because he loves to get under there. 

He found it!

Exploring his basket...Liv was helping 
I hid Liv's behind the dollhouse

She found it!

Pretty excited

And of course all they cared about was the eggs....should have just gotten them a whole basket full of empty eggs

Street did get a firetruck that he was pretty excited about :)

Showing off their loot
Daci's basket was hidden in a trickier spot :)  She was still searching.

She finally found it!  A LaLa Loopsy horse

Some candy

A Fancy Nancy book and Peter Pan the movie

Playing with the little fan the babies got

A Princess wand

How cliche is this? Chubby girl with a fist full of candy :)

Then we got dressed in our Easter Sunday clothes and had a little photo shoot!

LOVE this adorable boy of mine

Little tongue :)

My beautiful princess covered in ruffles :)

I wish they would have cooperated better :)

My girls in their matching skirts

My beautiful, grown up Daci-bug

Liv and I before church

The whole fam....we were all pretty much done after church :)


Karen Pedersen said...

Everyone looks so nice in their pastel Easter clothes. It's fun to see them all hunting for their baskets, decorating eggs, and frosting cookies. I wish I could be there. :(

Pam Klassen said...

lovely photos! Got quite the giggle out of Street's awesome smile. You have a lovely family.

Melissa McCoy said...

So cute, I am lovin the bow tie! I made one for Cole one year, but I like yours way better!

Liz Smith said...

SO MUCH CUTENESS!!! love the girls outfits. I am such a sucker for tutus. street's bowtie is to die for! and you my dear, are rocking your new blonde locks. Gorgeous as always!!

Ashley said...

Loved the kids outfits! So cute! Glad you guys had a great Easter.