Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Twins Turn Two!

Well, I have been MIA from the blogging world.  Once Instagram came around, blogging became kind of obsolete for me because I share everything I would blog about with most of my family and friends on a daily basis.  But I have found that I really am missing the journaling aspect of blogging. Especially for important events like my twins turning two! They turned two on January 19 and I think I cried for a whole week after that :)  We really have enjoyed these two in our family and as long and difficult as these two years have been, they have also flown by and I would never wish for anything else.  Love these two!


36.75 inches (98th percentile) and 38 lbs (100th percentile)
Wears a 4T or 5T top and 4T bottoms (rolled up)
Size 8 shoe
She is our big girl and we love it!

Most common words she says:
-hi, hello, bye!, yep, nnnnnup (nope), NO!, pease (please), tant too (thank you), welcome, shorry, lub you!, nigh nigh, meow (for cat), nana, shauce (apple sauce), mommy, mama, daddy, dad, daci, mauma (grandma), bapa (grandpa), yia yia, papou, bak bak (for chickens), egg, mine, shocky (sock), wee-vi (livvi), treet (street), shage (sage), cheese (for both cheese and the camera), shrek (they love to watch shrek the musical), doc (for doc mcstuffins), jake (jake and the neverland pirates), mine!, ok


36.75 inches (81st percentile) and 32.8 lbs (93rd percentile)
Wears a 3T top and 2T bottom
size 7 shoes

Most common words he says:
-hi, bye, ya!, no, pease (please), tant too! (thank you), pane (plane), taw-tor (copter, helicopter), truck, lum yew (love you said in a very nasally voice), snow, stuck!, meow meow, woof woof, mommy, mom, mama, daddy, dada, dad, shee shee (daci), bapa (grandpa), mauma (grandma), yia yia, papou, bak bak, eggy, wee-vi (livvi), weev! (liv), shhhhhage (sage), cheese, shrek, doc, jake, fun!, nice, mine!, wee-oo wee-oo car (police car), bus, ok, ta-tuum (vacuum), tay (ok)

Wake up between 7 and 7:30am every morning, naps at 12, they sleep separately for naps, wake up around 2:30pm, bedtime at 7pm (sing songs)

-when one baby shares, the other one says "MOM! Niiii!" (Nice!)
-They are obsessed with the radio and always want to listen to music in the car. If they want it louder Liv says "Mom, UP!" and if they don't like when I switch the song they yell "NOOOOO!"
-They love to go in Daci's room, pull the bathroom stool to her window sill, and pull down her jewelry
-They love to hide in the kitchen cupboards
-They take all the children's books off the book shelf and put them in the bottom of my shower every.single.day
-they hide under their cribs and my bed
-they pull all the toilet paper off the roll and shove it in the toilet
-they chase each other around the kitchen, screaming at the top of their lungs
-they love to play hide and seek, ring around the rosies and tag
-they are obsessed with daci and want to be just like her
-they also like to gang up on daci and pull her hair or hit her in the face :(
-every morning when we drop daci off at preschool they yell "Buh Bye Shee Shee!"
-They get into everything
-Liv loves to carry bags/purses around full of random toys
-they are both really good at playing catch
-i have to bring snacks for them in every store we go in or they just scream at the top of their lungs
-they have started yelling "Nnnnnnnnooooooooo!" in this really evil voice, its pretty scary.  Liv did it for 20 mins in Target and I got some really weird looks :)
-They are really hard to take anywhere. I took them to a dr and they ran in opposite directions, ran out the door, opened all the cupboards, and screamed the whole time.  AHHH!
-When they wake up from their naps they yell "MOMMY/DADDY! Aaaarrrre you!?" (Where are you?)
-They love baths and showers
-Street's little head is so tiny it makes me feel like I'm holding a little baby still :)
-Their favorite songs are: "Little White House", "Twinkle Twinkle", "I am like a star", "Wheels on the Bus", "Child's Prayer",  "I love to see the temple", "Bingo", "Old McDonald, "Nephi's COurage", "Book of Mormon Stories", "Follow the Prophet", "Down by the station", "Trot trot to Boston"

I know there are a million more things that I am forgetting right now so I'm sure I will be adding to this post as I think about them :)


Karen Pedersen said...

They melt my heart every time!

Melissa McCoy said...

Yay! Glad your back blogging. Their party looks AMAZING...seriously the cutest thing ever.