Monday, March 17, 2014

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Birthday Party for the Twins!

The twins turned two and we had a big Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed party for them! I had so much fun making the decor and planning the party!

Liv playing with a balloon in front of the banner before the party started

We had a "Hot Diggity Dog" bar for dinner!

Rick cooking up the hot dogs for everyone

Yia Yia (Penny), Jordan and Sam
Daci and Eleni munching on their hotdogs

The twins enjoying their dinner
Time to sing "Happy Birthday" and eat the cake!

Liv loved her cupcake :)

Present opening time!

Daci picked out a Princess Sofia necklace for Liv

Street with Grandpa Dan

Liv with her Aunt Brookley

Street "honking" Tannon's nose

Grandpa Dan and Grandma Karen with Street

Tannon and Brookley

Brookley even brought Daci a little present :)


Emily said...

seriously SO cute!! you need to be a party planner!

Jared and Patricia said...

Best idea ever, (mickey and minnie??!) for a twin birthday party!! Darling! So fun to see your growing kids. Can't wait to hook up with your clan this summer. Miss you!

Karen Pedersen said...

You are such a fun mom. I couldn't be prouder of you!

Meow Opre said...

Oh my these are all adorable! I was confused between Minnie and Hello Kitty but both are fine for a little girls party since they are pinkish. But seeing your helpful Minnie Mouse birthday party ideas , I think I'm gonna suggest this to my friends!
I will be exploring more maybe I could add them to my own compilation. thank you so much!!