Friday, May 29, 2009

All Tuckered Out!

Last night was Lone Peak's graduation and we went to watch Rick's brother, Sam, graduate. Daci and I got all dressed up and ready to go out to dinner with the Roberts' before the all we had to do was wait for dad to get home from school. We took a few pics of the two of us in our pretty dresses while we were waiting :)

Apparently Daci doesn't like to wait. She was crying and fussing in my arms and then all of a sudden she collapsed over my arm. I quickly looked at her face to see if she was okay and she was completely asleep!!! Rick got home a few minutes later and thought it was just hilarious. We snapped a photo of the rag doll.

Rick picked her up to put her in her car seat and she didn't even wake up! She transferred very smoothly :) I just think she is adorable in her daddy's arms!


Karen said...

I think she is adorable in her daddy's arms, her mommy's arms, but especially her Grandma's arms!

The Haggerty Family said...

Oh Kor, she is so dang cute! I think she looks just like you :)

Kelli said...

lol... That's so funny! I cannot believe how fast they grow! I swear Daci was just 5 lbs. yesterday... now look at her. Oh my goodness it kinda stresses me out ;) Damon and Daci will be in kindergarden before we know it.

Jared, Patricia, and Brodey said...

Ha ha! Oh...she is cute! I just want a baby girl so bad every time I see her! Soak up every minute of the stage she's in. It goes by so fast! She really is so beautiful - like her mom! PS...I laughed at your mom's comment :)