Monday, May 18, 2009

She's Three Months Old!

This is Daci in her adorable Sunday dress in her cute crib. This look on her face is priceless, she was watching her dad in adoration :)

This is her new summer outfit...doesn't she look so cute in it? I even caught a picture of her smiling! Getting smiles from Daci is quite the event, she is the most serious baby and we really have to work for a smile but when we get one it is so exciting!

Here is one of the looks she gives us when we are trying to get a smile out of her. Doesn't it look like she is thinking, "Oh my, you guys are so pathetic, that isn't even funny" :)

Aw, I love her!

Playing on the floor in her cute leopard dress

After her bath in her hooded towel, she loves her baths!

Wow, how time flies. My sweet little Daci just turned three months old on Saturday and I can't believe how fast the time has gone and how much that cute little thing has grown and changed. These are a few pics that were taken right around her three month mark. Feel free to let me know how cute she is, I never get sick of it :)


Karen said...

She is very, very, very, very cute! All the way to the moon and back cute.

-Julie said...

I used to be a CTMH girlie under your mom. Your baby is GORGEOUS, and I have never seen so many bows! lol Congrats! My baby is turning 2 next month, and I can't believe it!