Saturday, July 25, 2009

4th of July

On the 4th of July we went over to The Lisobee's house. Carly and Micah are in a BYU singles ward because Micah is in the bishopric there. We went over in the afternoon and played volleyball with their ward. Daci layed on a blanket in the shade with me for a while and played. She loves to be outside!

Trying on the shades

Then, that night Rick's family came over to The Lisonbee's house and we had tin foil dinners in their backyard. Their backyard is BEAUTIFUL so we took a lot of fun and colorful pictures.

Daci playing in the stream.

Daci with her Uncle Sam. Sam just got his mission call to the Brazil, Vittorio mission. He leaves November 11. CONGRATS SAM!

Rick and I with our tin foil dinners! Micah...the master the background :)

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kimber said...

Oh MY! That IS a beautiful back yard. Can I go there!? Awesome pics!