Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Five Month Pictures

I took Daci's five month pictures this week (a week or so late) and I think they turned out great! This cute skirt was made by my mother-in-law. Isn't it adorable? I can't believe my little Daci is growing up so fast!

We love it when she sticks her tongue out when she smiles! So dang cute :)

I had to throw in this last picture even though it was a little shadowed. I just love the expression on her face!


Carly said...

O my these are too dang cute! She just loves her tongue doesn't she! I want to hold her so bad looking at these pics!

Jared, Patricia, and Brodey said...

So photogenic...just like her mom! Wow! I can't believe how smiley and active she is for only being 5 months old. It looks like she's going to jump right out of the picture! They are darling pictures cute!

Karen said...

I missed my little Daci! I can't wait to see you and her tomorrow. YIPEEE! -Mom

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

Hello Kori-
I found your blog through your moms. Your little girl is so darling. Isnt motherhood the most amazing gift in the world? I hope all is well.
Lindsay Fox

Kelli Haub said...

Holy smokes... I can't believe how fast they grow. Daci is a doll! It was so fun seeing her on Saturday. We should probably hang out more.