Monday, July 20, 2009

An update and Five Generations!

We are so fortunate to have five generations living in my family. The crazy thing is that we are all the oldest girls in our family! How cool is that? A few weeks ago it was my GG's (what we call my great-grandma) 90th birthday so we went to celebrate at her house. While we were there we took our five generation photo. I love it and am so glad that Daci has her great-great grandma living. She is my GG so we decided she would be Daci's "3G" :)

Rick, Daci and I with GG

Rick, Daci and I. Daci refused to look at the camera or smile...oh well, she is still adorable!

3G with her new and first great-great grandchild!

Sorry for the lack of posts, our computer is at the "doctors" right now so I haven't been able to post. I have been going crazy so I finally loaded a few pics onto our laptop.

A few updates: Daci is now five months old! Can you believe it? I can't! She is now rolling over and loving playing on her tummy. She sits up in the grass really well because she grasps the grass and balances herself. I think she should be sitting without support soon! She is doing so many cute and funny things. She started giggling last week but she is very stubborn with giving them out. You have to be pretty hilarious for her to even give one giggle. Then, once you find something that makes her laugh so won't ever laugh at it again. She looks at you like, "You've done that before so it isn't funny anymore. Try harder." She is so cute and we are just enjoying every minute with her!

Hopefully when we get our computer back I can post some updated pictures of our adventures over the last month. Love you all!


Brandon and Jessica said...

That is awesome! We just took a 5 gen. photo too! Us girls are all the oldest too. It's fun when your little girl makes everyone a step up in granmas huh?!

Blake and La-Shana Francom said...

Awwh Daci is a cutie! The 5 generation is awesome! :)

kimber said...

I absolutely love those pictures. Awesome!!!

Todd Family said...

That is awesome! i can't believe she is 90! she looks awesome!! i can't believe she is your great great grandma either!