Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Five Month Pictures

I took Daci's five month pictures this week (a week or so late) and I think they turned out great! This cute skirt was made by my mother-in-law. Isn't it adorable? I can't believe my little Daci is growing up so fast!

We love it when she sticks her tongue out when she smiles! So dang cute :)

I had to throw in this last picture even though it was a little shadowed. I just love the expression on her face!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

We got our computer back!

We finally got our computer fixed and now I can post...and boy did I post. I have seven posts today, so be sure to scroll down! Let me just tell you, the last month was probably the worst month for our computer to have issues because it has been a very eventful month!

One very exciting thing is that Daci can now sit on her own for between 30 seconds and a minute! Wow! However, she does topple over quite a bit as shown in the next picture :)

We hope you all have had a wonderful, patriotic month! Enjoy the pics and feel free to comment.

Bear Lake

We go to Bear Lake every year for Rick's family reunion. Rick and I and Carly and Micah always go golfing the day we get in. I don't all...but I thought I would hit a few range balls with Rick before they started. Don't make fun of the form :)

After we hit range balls the boys got down to business and Carly and I had fun driving the golf carts :)

We went out on the lake a few times on the jet skis.

Me, Penny, Sophie and Carly

We had a surprise shower for Rick's cousin and his fiance while we were there.

Oh yeah, and Daci was there too :)

4th of July

On the 4th of July we went over to The Lisobee's house. Carly and Micah are in a BYU singles ward because Micah is in the bishopric there. We went over in the afternoon and played volleyball with their ward. Daci layed on a blanket in the shade with me for a while and played. She loves to be outside!

Trying on the shades

Then, that night Rick's family came over to The Lisonbee's house and we had tin foil dinners in their backyard. Their backyard is BEAUTIFUL so we took a lot of fun and colorful pictures.

Daci playing in the stream.

Daci with her Uncle Sam. Sam just got his mission call to the Brazil, Vittorio mission. He leaves November 11. CONGRATS SAM!

Rick and I with our tin foil dinners! Micah...the master the background :)

Hiking Timpanogos

So Rick has been talking about wanting to hike Timp (the actual mountain mind you, not just the cave) for the last few months. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not an outdoorsy, sports, athletic person by any means and I had no desire to do it. However, the more he talked about how much fun it was when he did it in high school, the more I wanted to do it! Plus, it meant a fun activity that we could do by ourselves...we don't get much of those anymore with our new addition to the family :) I was determined to do it!
The whole first two hours were just gorgeous. The hike was difficult but I was enjoying.

I mean how could you not enjoy it with these beautiful views?!

Rick being goofy in the tree :)

Then, trouble struck..... we hit snow and we hit it hard. Since we had so much snow and rain later in the season than normal there was still a lot of snow when we went at the end of June. It would take us a half hour to cross a patch of snow that would have only taken us a minute to walk across had there not been snow. The higher we got the more snow there was and it got really difficult. It even started getting really dangerous.

When we finally got to this point we couldn't go any further. It doesn't look too bad but once we started over this ledge with the straight drop off down the mountain we knew we couldn't go any further. We didn't have the right shoes or equipment. We decided the safest thing to do would be to turn around. We were really bummed! I was so determined to summit! I was proud of us though. We hiked up for 4 1/2 hours and got close. If we had gone a few weeks later the snow would have been melted enough to make it to the top. I think I will have to try again :)

On our way back down we stopped to take some more fun pictures.

Family Reunion at Strawberry Reservoir

We had the Pedersen Family Reunion at Strawberry Reservoir this year. We went down to the lake to snap a few pictures of Daci. She was very interested in the water!

Rick being silly and jumping over the stream with her.

Aunt Cindy holding Daci while she plays with Great Grandpa P.

Daci's First Airshow!

We were driving through Heber City on our way to Strawberry Reservoir for my family reunion when Rick saw an airshow going on at the Heber airport. Of course we had to stop because if you know Rick, you know he LOVES airplanes. So, Daci went to her first airshow and I think she had a pretty good time. Unfortunately, Rick isn't with me right now so I can't have him tell me what each of these planes are called :)

In the cockpit of one of the old WWII fighter planes!

Daci in the passenger seat of the cockpit. Funny expression right? :)

Riverside BBQ

Daci had her first outing in her swimming suit and doesn't she just look adorable!? We went to the Riverside Country Club BBQ with Rick's family and she had so much fun.

I love the back of her suit and of course I had to get the matching hat!

Grandma Penny has a matching shirt! The funny thing is that it is Daci's favorite shirt of her Grandma Penny's and I didn't even realize I got a swimming suit to match until I put it on her that night!

Her first moments in a swimming pool. What does that face say?

Playing on daddy's lap :)