Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Little Sweetheart

So I decided that since it is Valentine's that maybe Daci was old enough to do something fun. I decided to make sugar cookies and have her frost one. Side note: I know I gave my 11 1/2 month old a butter knife but I watched her EVERY second that she had it :) Don't judge!

At first she was quite intrigued by the whole thing. She just kinda looked and explored.

But then...she dug right in! She stuck her hand in the frosting and just started shoving it in her mouth!

Then she picked up the cookie and started taking bites of it.

By the end she was a MESS and was trying to get every little crumb off of her hand to eat

This is her new face. She pulls it to be funny but she also pulls it when she isn't getting what she wants. Can you tell she wants more cookie and frosting? Sorry sweetie. Only on special occasions do you get that much sugar at once!

Happy Valentine's everyone!


Carly said...

O my cuteness! I wish I could have seen her chow down on that frosting!

Karen Pedersen said...

Too cute for words. Email me these photos. I feel a layout coming on!

Jared and Patricia said...

I'm just so happy you caught "the face"...that's going to be one of your favorite memories!!! Absolutely precious. You are such a good mom, Kori. I'm going to try and be more creative about doing fun things with Brodey...or I'll just copy your great ideas! Love you!

The Baldwin's said...

so adorable! you are such a great mom, i was gonna ask you does she have what you have? i'm excited to see her first birthday pictures!

Tracey Mason's Studio said...

That's exactly how I look after I frost & eat cookies! Don't tell anyone.
Happy Valentine's Day!

PAUL + ALICIA said...

She is so cute Kori! Hooray for little girls!

Jessica said...