Friday, February 5, 2010

Update on the Busy Month

Daci moved up to her "big girl" seat a few days ago and absolutely LOVES it! She was getting SO sick of her infant car seat. She hated facing backward and not being able to see any of us. We actually moved her about two weeks early. Technically they aren't supposed to move to a booster until they are a year old but Daci is just MUCH too long for her infant seat. She adores sitting up and you can tell she thinks she is so big and important! This is a pic of her when Rick was putting her in it for the very first time.

She loves to look out the window and she points and says "oh!" at almost everything she sees :) (I know, naughty me for snapping pics while I am driving. I couldn't help it! It was a monumental moment!)

I also caught this HUGE grin while I was driving. She was ecstatic to be sitting up and looking around while we drove :)

My brother Easton got home from his mission on January 26th and we went to the airport to meet him. It was the first time he was going to meet Daci so we had to get her all dressed up :) This is us waiting at the bottom of the escalators for him.

This is Rick showing Daci where Easton would be coming down the escalators from. Unfortunately, we waited and waited and waited and no E. All of the other Elders and passengers from his flight had already come down the escalator and no E! We waited some more and FINALLY he comes strolling around the corner. He got lost and went to the wrong terminal! So funny now but at the time, not so funny. Pretty sure my mom was about to have a heart attack :)

Still waiting....

Finally! When we saw him walking down the hall my mom ran and gave him a HUGE hug. So precious :)

The Sunday after he got home he gave his Homecoming talk at church. Afterward we had a huge party at my parents house. This is mom and I, so happy that he is home.

Easton and Daci (and her balloon!). Easton says he is already her favorite uncle :)

Our little fam with E

On Wednesday this week my brother Tannon had a signing day party. He was recruited by Southern Utah University (my alma matter!) to play quarterback for them when he returns from his mission. There were four other football players that were offered scholarships and were all going to be signing their papers as well. They each had huge signs and cakes made for them. A bunch of family and friends of the players gathered and watch them sign their papers and then we all had cake.

Tannon signing his papers to play for SUU

Tannon, Me, Daci and Easton after T signed his papers

This has been an eventful and exciting month! We are so grateful for our families and all the blessings we have in our lives. We are also grateful that Daci has so many people that love her. Her grandparents, her uncles, her aunts, her great-grandparents, her parents and all of our friends. We love you all!


Karen Pedersen said...

This HAS been a busy month, hasn't it? It was fun to read the re-cap on your blog. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Penny said...

I'm a witness to the happy girl in her new car seat. She loves her new found freedom. Love her big happy smile that scrunches up her whole face. So cute! Daci will never be happy not seeing everything going on around her. Busiest baby I've ever known!

Carly said...

She looks so cute in her big girl seat! I can't believe she is going to be one this month!! My how time has flown...

Kade and Kaylee said...

That's so exciting that your little bro signed with SUU! My hometown!! Easton looks so great too! The ladies are gonna be all over that! :) Daci is looking so big now! She is so so cute!

The Baldwin's said...

so fun Korinne and Daci is such a doll! you have such a great looking family...we should hook my sister up with your brother...she's always looking for a handsome missionary (she's 20 and super cute)