Thursday, April 22, 2010

A busy month with a fun little girl!

April has been a really fun month and I can't believe how much Daci's personality has blossomed! She is really a ham and loves to be busy, busy, busy! She is saying A LOT of words...probably around 15-20. She knows exactly what we are saying to her.....whether she acts like it or not :) She is walking (and running ) everywhere! She is so much fun to have around but she definitely keeps us on our toes!

She loves to climb in the laundry baskets and get pushed around. The only problem is that when they are full she will start pulling a bunch of stuff out of them (don't worry these are clean clothes :)) to get into the baskets. She also found these eye blinders that you wear for massages, etc. and has decided that she always needs one on her head :) What a silly goose!

Easter morning Daci found her basket hidden behind a chair. We didn't even have to help her find it. She is so observant and if there is anything new around she spots it immediately!

She was very proud of her basket :)

We colored eggs that morning during Conference. She got bored after just a few. She was mad she couldn't stick her whole hand in the dye :)

We have been taking her on SO MANY walks on days when it is nice outside. I think we took her on three this day and by the last one she was all tuckered out :) Look at those eyelashes! I am so jealous of them :)

Recently Daci has been very into shoes. She loves to wear her new shoes and show them off. Well she found a pair of her daddy's shoes and just HAD to wear them!

She has started this new thing where if we tell her "No, No!" She will wave her pointer finger at you and say "No, no, no!" back at us. So cute but so bad!

Rick's BYU Intramural Flag Football team won the coveted title of Intramural Champs and got "the most coveted T-Shirt on campus". here he is with our Brother-in-law, Micah.
Rick and his team
We all went to watch and the whole time all Daci wanted to do was run out on the field and get the cones and the ball. She was REALLY mad that we wouldn't let her have them so after the game we let her go play with the cone :)

This is Daci in her craziness. She insisted that I put this beanie on, then she went and found the eye blinder thing and wanted that on, then she found this necklace and put it on and then she continued to terrorize the house by pulling all of the laundry out of the baskets!

We went to a BBQ with a bunch of friends last weekend and it was Daci's first experience at a park. She loved the slide!

She loved playing in the dirt even more though! She could've sat in the dirt for hours. When we picked her up out of it she threw quite the tantrum.

My sister-in-law, Carly, had her baby shower at the house last weekend also. I am starting a baby headband business and made her a bunch of flowers for her soon-to-be baby girl. Daci was being really crazy so we decided to attach a bunch of flowers to her headband. Of course she loved it!


Kade and Kaylee said...

I loved all the new pictures! Daci is always dressed so cute! So I've never been to Chicago and have already decided that when you move out there I will for sure come and visit!! Kade wants to as well so that he can go to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field :)

Karen Pedersen said...

I can't help but smile at every photo of our little Daci. Could one baby have more personality packed inside? I think not!

Darren and Kelli Haub said...

Such a doll! I can't believe she's already running around. We need to play... and soon :) Maybe her and Damon can have a play date and fall in love.