Friday, April 16, 2010

Rick's New iPhone App!

Rick has been working on his new iPhone app for the last few weeks. He conceptualized, designed and coded the entire app! I am so impressed. I am most definitely not a computer wiz so to see him typing all this stuff that looks like a completely different language and then to see him push a button and then it all appears on a the screen like magic completely boggles my mind! He came up with the idea to have an app that records a basketball player's shot charts for each game, it records his makes and misses from the field and also his makes and misses from the free throw line. It also calculates each players' overall shooting percentage, three point percentage and free throw percentage. You can keep track of multiple players and multiple games. The app is called Shot Charts. It is very versatile; dads can use it to keep their son's stats or coaches can use it to keep track of their players stats. Very cool! I am so proud of him :) He also plans to continue to update the app with more advanced data analysis. Check it out on the app store.

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