Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter Weekend!

We got Daci an adorable Easter dress but since Easter is on Conference weekend this year, she got to show it off at church last week. We did a little photo shoot afterward. Doesn't she look so "springy" and "eastery"? I'm so excited for Spring to come and to go outside and play with Daci, I think she is getting sick of being cooped up indoors.

She is now well over 13 months old and just growing up so fast! She is walking all over the place, saying new words each day, and finally learning to take a break to cuddle for a second. I think the last one is my very favorite. She has NEVER been a cuddler. She still won't sit and cuddle with you but she will suddenly throw her arms around your neck and give you a big hug or pucker up her cute little lips and plant one on ya :) I love this little Doodle!

Can you tell how much she LOVES to be outside? Even when it is cold!

What a goofy grin.




Karen Pedersen said...

That's it. I have decided. She is NOT going to Chicago with you.

Darren and Kelli Haub said...

She's going to be in kindergarten before you know it! I can't believe how fast they grow up. Damon will be one in less than a month!