Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Farm and The Duck Pond

Daci is so lucky and have grandparents on both sides that just adore her! Fred and Penny (Papou and YiaYia) took Daci to a farm last week. Daci LOVED it! She doesn't smile in any of these photos but trust me the serious focused look means she is just eating everything up and trying to take it all in. She rode a horse with one of the trainers and LOVED it and then they put her up on one by herself for a picture. She wasn't scared at all!

Playing on the playground at the farm. She didn't like to ride these little horsies as much as she liked to push it back and forth.

There was a little calico cat that just loved Daci and followed her around all day long. Daci loves cats but most cats don't love her back so she was thrilled to have this one play with her!

Giving kitty loves.

Daci's favorite thing in the whole world is to play in the dirt. Seriously if I wanted a babysitter for a while I could just sit her in the dirt and she would stay there for hours!

My dads new job is in Springville and it is in this beautiful business park with ponds and willows and tons and tons of ducks! He knew Daci would just love them so he invited my mom, Daci and I out for lunch one day so Daci could feed the ducks. She was so fascinated by them! It was so cute kept throwing the bread so the ducks would come by us and she got so excited when they would get close!

My favorite was when she squatted down next to me :)

She also found a dandelion that she was very interested in. Since we went to the duck pond she says "duck!" and "quack, quack".

We are so grateful that she has grandparents that love her. She is really going to miss them!


Kade and Kaylee said...

Daci would love coming to my house then! We have ducks EVERYWHERE! I love them, but it gets kind of annoying when there is duck poo all over our sidewalk. So where is your dad working now?

naomi megan. said...

Daci has gotten so big Kori! She is beautiful and so are you!!! Hope you're well!