Saturday, June 26, 2010


We are all packed up and ready to go! Rick left for Chicago this evening. He and his dad are driving the U-Haul out and will arrive Monday evening. They plan to unload the truck and have my house all set up for me by the time my plane lands on Tuesday evening. This feels so crazy to me! I can't believe I am leaving Utah and my family but I am also very excited to start a new adventure with my little family! We are going to have so much fun. Can't wait to show you all pictures of our new townhome that we bought!!! Check back soon.


The Baldwin's said...

yay! you will love being out of ut and having just your own little family to rely on :) bummer, i was just in Chicago flying back from ut, next time i'm there, i'll let you know!! love ya! good luck!

Rick and Kori said...

I have such mixed emotions: happiness for you and Rick for this wonderful opportunity, excitement that you will have this wonderful adventure together, and sadness that you will no longer be just up the road. I will miss you all so much!

Karen Pedersen said...

I left you a little award on my blog today.